Renée Gadar and the L.O.C. Method

One of the best things about a career at Cole’s Salon is our shared commitment and investment in professional growth and development. We’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the best trainers in the world, and most recently, we’ve had incredible education on working with and caring for textured hair. Recently, we were honored to host Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Texture, Renée Gadar.

Renée is a big deal in our world! Not only is she immensely talented and renowned, but she led the recent updating of Aveda’s texture curriculum. Last month, she joined us at Cole’s for a knots and braids training. 

Learn more below from Jessica at our Apple Valley salon!

What I Learned From Renee

Our training was all about braids, but I learned so many more essential fundamentals. My mind was blown by understanding the level of moisture and hydration needed for textured hair! Textured hair, if you aren’t familiar, refers to hair that isn’t straight. It might be loose waves, corkscrew curls, coils, kinks, etc. Understanding moisture levels enables beautiful curl, coil, and texture, full of integrity.

What is the L.O.C. Method?

To lock in this essential moisture and hydration, use the L.O.C. method. After you cleanse or shampoo your hair, either with a no-cleanse shampoo or shampoo + condition:

  1. Use a leave in conditioner
  2. Run oil through your hair 
  3. Finish with a crème to lock all of that good moisture to your hydrated hair

The Aveda Nutriplenish Line works great there. Specifically the Leave-In Conditioner & the Styling Treatment Foam.

Learn more about the L.O.C. Method yourself, direct from Renee:

P.S. Renee is on Instagram @reneesrh!

Jessica H. is an advanced designer at our Apple Valley location.

Interested in a consultation for your textured hair? Book a complimentary consultation online or call any of our locations and ask for a consultation with a member of our Texture Team. 

The Cole’s Salon Texture Team is always improving their skills to best serve the needs and wants of our guests. Recently that has also included trainings with Naomi Dove and Juan Perez.  

If you’re interested in having access to quality training opportunities like this one, consider joining the Cole’s team!



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