Team Texture with Naomi Dove

We recently had the privilege of welcoming educator and textured hair expert, Naomi Dove, to train our Cole’s Salon Texture Team. Naomi is the North America Artistic Director of Texture for Aveda, and a phenomenal teacher.

The Cole’s Salon Texture Team was created in response to growing popularity and our clients’ desire to embrace their natural texture and curls. The Texture Team is made up of a group of designers from all of our locations, committed to and passionate about going through advanced education for textured and curly hair. Our team will be sharing and teaching what we learn with our teams, and we can’t wait to share all the amazing advice Naomi gave us!

Textured Hair Care and Styles

It’s becoming more and more popular to rock natural hair, and Naomi gave us some key lessons to help clients get the best out of their beautiful texture. We started with the foundations of a good basic shampoo, detangle, and deep condition. After the basics, we learned methods to work with textured hair so that a client can get longevity out of their style.

There are so many beautiful options to rock natural curls at all hair lengths! Naomi trained us on wash and go, two-strand twists, lock twists, comb coils, and finger coils. She also taught us the proper way to do a silk press, which is a blowout and flat iron styling technique.

It’s All About the Moisture

Naomi emphasized how to reduce heat damage on the hair. Avoiding heat damage is important for hair to look luscious and healthy while worn straightened. It’s also critical to curls bouncing back in more natural styles, and allows our clients with textured hair the flexibility to switch up their style whenever they choose.

Naomi not only taught us styling techniques, we also learned about the best products for textured hair because who doesn’t want their hair to look healthy, shiny, and it’s very best—whether it’s worn curly or straight, long or short?

Effective products are important because they affect the longevity of the style. Products are also essential to keep textured hair moisturized, especially during these winter months, where our hair-drying weather can be detrimental. More moisture means more versatility for styling, and healthier hair.

Thank You, Naomi!

Naomi shared so much with us, both personally and professionally. She is an amazing person and an excellent educator. We were so lucky to have her, and to have the opportunity for high-quality continuing education at Cole’s Salon.

Naomi’s class was exceptionally helpful for our Texture Team. We’re delighted to offer this variety of styles to guests with textured hair, and can’t wait to use our skills!

You can follow Naomi on Instagram @avedaitgirl.

Liz Youngman is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @lizblaze.



Liz Youngman

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