Keeping That Fresh-Out-of-the-Salon Hair

You know that amazing feeling when you leave the salon after a fresh cut, blowout or style? It’s basically like walking on clouds. No split ends, no fly-aways and oh-so-soft hair.

How do you make that feeling last without doing any further damage? Good news—there are some simple steps to bring your hair back to life and keep it healthy at the same time. Here are our tips:

Be gentle! The first step to restoring your hair is to take care of it. That means you might want to reexamine your styling habits. Do you yank a brush or comb through wet hair or tie your ponytail extra tight? Do you pull too hard while blow drying, or twist your hair up too tight when you’re drying it? Are you devoted to the topknot? You might be causing your hair extra stress without even knowing it. Be gentle to your hair and it will pay you back in kind. (If you’re really fancy, buy a satin pillowcase to further reduce breakage.)

Book regular trims. It can be hard to squeeze in a cut with your busy schedule, but seeing your favorite Cole’s stylist regularly for a trim will leave your hair looking so much better, especially if you color your hair or can’t give up the flatiron. Every eight weeks is what we recommend, but we won’t judge if you stretch it to 10.

Make deep conditioning part of your routine. Add a conditioning mask (we like Bumble and bumble’s Quenching Masque) to your haircare routine for an extra boost of moisture. We like to do this on lazy Sundays and really let the masque sink into our thirsty strands.

Take a break from heat styling. Embrace your natural texture (we’ll help you find the best products!) or use dry shampoo to stretch your existing style for another day. Hot tools wreak serious havoc on your hair if you use them daily and crank the heat up too high, so try to go a day or two without them if you can. This is why Pinterest exists: for braid inspiration!

Get a gloss. After your color service, have your Cole’s colorist add a gloss to seal and add shine to your hair. It’ll look even more beautiful and Insta-worthy! Adding a gloss is a great tip for those of us who can’t resist being platinum blonde, no matter how hardcore that bleach-and-tone is.

Get in the habit of caring for your hair.
If you can’t let go of the curling iron or refuse to go without highlights, try a daily leave-in treatment to help combat damage. Aveda’s Damage Remedy leave-in is one of our faves. Break your bad habits when you notice them; try an old T-shirt to dry instead of a rough towel, or pick up a Wet Brush to put less stress on your hair when you brush it after a shower.

Keeping your hair looking fab and retaining the health and integrity of those lucious locks isn’t always easy. These simple actions can make a huge difference when you do them every day.



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