2024 Nail Trends: What’s Hot This Year

This year’s nail trends offer something for everyone, whether you crave elegance, bold self-expression, or artistic flair. 

Not sure what you’re looking for? Kamila from our Apple Valley salon is here to walk you through the hottest trends of the season.


Sophisticated Iridescent Nails

The iridescent or pearl look is elegant and sophisticated, reflecting light to create a multi-dimensional effect. What I love most about this look is it compliments any outfit! You could also add a pop of color to this look for a bright and fun twist on this trend.


Aura Designs

This bold look features vibrant neon greens, deep blues, and electric oranges that create a striking and eye-catching aura. Creative expression never goes out of style, and this trend is all about embracing your personality and creativity through color. Bonus tip: This design looks great with twinkle stars!


Texture & 3D Design

Textured nails add depth and intrigue with 3D designs and contrasting finishes. This trend encourages experimentation and is perfect for those who love unique and artistic nails. Unleash your creativity and explore designs like seashell or mermaid vibes, cool swirls, or textured chrome finishes. Don’t forget to add some bling — pearls are a popular choice!

Ready to rock these nail trends? Book your next mani and pedi at Cole’s! We are currently offering the Eminence Skin Care signature summer nail service, featuring products with stonecrop for their hydrating and skin-toning benefits. 

Kamila R.. is a nail technician at our Apple Valley salon. She joined the Cole’s Salon team in 2021. You can follow her on Instagram at @kamiluxe.nails.



Kamila Rustamova

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