Look Refreshed (Even When You’re Not) with IMAGE Skincare MD Eye Masks

The seasons are officially changing from warmer autumnal days to much colder winter ones, with dry skin becoming an increasing concern for our Cole’s Salon clients. Often, we can get away with a tiny bit of dryness here and there, but as the days creep up on us, a little dry skin can snowball quickly.  […]

Refreshing and Resetting Summer Skin into the Fall

The end of summer is upon us and the estheticians at Cole’s Salon are starting our conversations with clients about taking care of their skin as we head into the fall. Whether you are looking to stay on top of hydration, prep for treatments, or recover from the harsh sun, most skin requires some TLC […]

Which IMAGE Skincare Serum is Right For You?

​​It’s no news that we at Cole’s Salon love IMAGE Skincare. They have amazing products, bring us amazing results, and keep our skin healthy and aging gracefully. But when it comes down to figuring out which line and product works best for you, the multiple shelves of stocked pretty boxes can be daunting.  In any […]

What’s So Great About Toner, Anyway?

Skipping a toner in your skincare routine is a mistake! It’s a crucial component of a serious skincare routine! Here are four reasons why a good toner should be a critical part of any skincare routine.

Winter Skincare Tips to Help Keep you Hydrated All Season Long

Just as we layer up our bodies with winter gear to protect us and keep us warm and healthy, our skin also needs specific layers to stay healthy and function properly. Here are a few skincare routine tips to prep your skin to not just survive but thrive in the colder months!

Eyecare: Tips for Making Your Best Feature Shine

We can probably agree that our eyes deserve more credit than they get. More care. More attention. More than what we give them naturally. Wesleigh is sharing the best practices and products to give those peepers a brighter look.

The Complete Guide to Layering Skincare Products

Layering skincare is kind of like layering a cake—but in reverse! Fortunately for those of us who aren’t talented bakers (me included!), layering skincare is much easier than a multi-layered tiramisu.