Winter Skincare Tips to Help Keep you Hydrated All Season Long

It’s that time of year again—winter is knocking on our doors! Minnesotan Mother Nature has teased us since the end of September with gorgeous sunny days, but I think it’s safe to say we have officially turned the corner.  And just as we layer up our bodies with winter gear to protect us and keep us warm and healthy, our skin also needs specific layers to stay healthy and function properly. Here are a few skincare routine tips to prep your skin to not just survive but thrive in the colder months!

1. Add an oil.

I love a good facial oil. Adding a light oil helps to lock in any serums and hydration products underneath. It also works with your moisturizer to protect against any harsh weather and pollutants that come with the season. Both IMAGE Skincare and Eminence Organics have facial oil options that work for many skin types. IMAGE’s Hydrating Facial Oil is a perfect boost of Vitamin C for a morning and/or evening add-on that you can mix into your moisturizer or use on its own. Eminence’s Facial Recovery Oil has ingredients such as clary sage and tea tree which are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that works to fight against winter acne while staying hydrated!

2. Up your water intake.

Our bodies always need more water so stay on top of your hydration levels and make sure you get enough! Instead of reaching for another cup of warm coffee, go for some warm lemon water to warm you up from the inside and boost hydration.

3. Add a masque to your routine.

Winter is a busy time (hello holidays!), so we often struggle to add anything to our already hectic routines. So multitask and masque in the shower! Paint on any hydrating masque before you shower, let the steam do the work for you, and rinse off after your hair conditioner. A masque is meant to be a boost of concentrated ingredients to the surface of the skin and your skin will thank you for the added vitamins as you head out into the cold!

Don’t forget—just as we layer up our bodies, our skin also needs to layer up in the winter. 

Stay hydrated, add to your skincare routine, and lastly, schedule your appointments ahead of time with your esthetician! The holidays are approaching, and appointments book fast. Grab yours by booking early! 

Wesleigh Dichter is an Esthetician at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @museonfleek.  




Wesleigh Dichter

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