Eyecare: Tips for Making Your Best Feature Shine

A first impression can be EVERYTHING. When an important event in my life is approaching—a job interview, coffee date, collaboration—basically any first impression, I run through a checklist of my first impression must-dos. Dress appropriately, be confident, show your personality, shoulders back, smile, and…look them in the eye. We can probably agree that our eyes deserve more credit than they get. More care. More attention. More than what we give them naturally. So I wanted to share the best practices and products to give those peepers a brighter look.

Practice #1:

While we all love a good eye rub first thing in the morning, try to stop yourself before you do this. While it may feel good, rubbing is too hard on the eyes and over time it can cause damage, micro-tears, and encourage extra lines. So, ditch rubbing in the morning and makeup wipes at night!

Practice #2:

Use cool water in your skin routine, not warm. The cooler temperature is soothing and reduces redness and puffy areas on the entire face, but most importantly around the eyes.

Practice #3:

Apply chosen eye products around the orbital bone. This is usually lower than most people think they should apply their products. The eye is intelligent and knows exactly where it needs the moisture. Our job is to make it readily available around a circumference that the eye can distribute from– the orbital bone. Dabbing around this bone allows the eye to transport the moisture closer to where it needs without feeling congested (hello milia!). 

Practice #4:

Don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes at least once a month and replace your makeup every 6-8 months to prevent bacteria build-up! 

In terms of product, it is important to talk with your esthetician. There are TONS of eye products on the market, and an esthetician will be able to suggest which ones will work best for your skin! As mentioned above, ditching the makeup wipes requires a makeup remover replacement. Éminence’s Stone Crop Cleansing Oil or RevitaLash’s Micellar Water Lash Wash are both good options that are gentle on the eye and break down debris easily in the eye area. To counter dehydration and puffiness, my two favorite eye creams are IMAGE Skincare’s Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel and Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Cream. The gel has a lighter feel with a boost of vitamin C and hydration for dryness and fine lines, and the cream is amazing for tackling dark circles and puffiness. And as always, don’t forget your SPF! 

Our eyes need specific attention and care, but luckily it’s pretty straightforward to give them what they need to stay healthy. They are the first spots on our body that reveal signs of aging, as well as dullness and lack of sleep. That’s not what you want for any first impressions! So, ditch the makeup wipes, lower the water temperature, and talk to your esthetician about which products will help brighten, hydrate, and de-puff your peepers! 

Wesleigh Dichter is an Esthetician at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @museonfleek




Wesleigh Dichter

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