Look Refreshed (Even When You’re Not) with IMAGE Skincare MD Eye Masks

The seasons are officially changing from warmer autumnal days to much colder winter ones, with dry skin becoming an increasing concern for our Cole’s Salon clients. Often, we can get away with a tiny bit of dryness here and there, but as the days creep up on us, a little dry skin can snowball quickly. 

When I ask clients where they experience dry skin during the colder months, the number one place they point to is their orbital bone, right underneath their eyes. After a closer look, the dryness often expands up to the lash line and on the eyelid. The eyes also display dryness through fine lines, crepey texture, dullness, puffiness, and dark circles. And, of course, all of these features around our eyes can make us look exhausted and worn down. It’s plain to see why keeping our eye areas hydrated is so important!

Thankfully, IMAGE Skincare has just the product to keep you looking awake, bright, and as fresh as spring, even during the colder months. We estheticians at Cole’s Salon were comparing notes and brainstorming about eye treatments, creams, and solutions for the eye area during cold weather when IMAGE Skincare swept in and saved the day with their new MD Eye Masks. After a few weeks of using them on myself and my clients, I can honestly say these are a must-have product for the treatment room and at home! 

These eye masks are a gel-like consistency designed to sit just below the eye – though I’ve found ways to rearrange the eye masks to help your crow’s feet, “11s” (the lines between your eyebrows), and even the marionette lines near your mouth! The combined ingredients and shape offer an overwhelming number of uses. I even made a video on Instagram to show you how these eye masks will be your new favorite product! 

MD Eye Masks can be used daily and worn for an hour or more. IMAGE Skincare filled the masks with a lightweight serum that provides focused ingredients such as aloe, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid. There are no ingredients that should be cause for any concern. You can use them as much as you’d like without causing harm to your skin. 

After ten minutes in the treatment room with some added massage, the eye area is significantly de-puffed, brighter, and cooled down for a hydrated, youthful, absolutely glowing appearance to keep you looking alert and rested, even when the short days and colder temps have you feeling anything but. 

The new IMAGE Skincare MD Eye Masks retail for $55 for 22 pairs and can be added to any treatment at your next visit to the spa for $15, which is a great way to see the benefits for yourself before you buy!

Wesleigh Dichter is a Senior Esthetician at Coles Salon in Burnsville. Follow her on Instagram @museonfleek



Wesleigh Dichter

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