Wella Color Education With Global Top Artist Aubrey Loots

Meet Aubrey Loots.

Here at Cole’s we are so incredibly lucky to partner with Wella, an international award-winning hair color brand. They have a huge network of trainers and a team of signature global artists. This team travels the globe teaching the technical applications of color and the artistry of hair. And this past January, we were lucky enough to host Aubrey Loots. Aubrey’s reputation precedes him as a renowned Wella Global Top Artist. That said, when I was given the opportunity to help such a talented artist showcase his work, I couldn’t pass it up!

Aubrey put on an incredible show while teaching us. His lesson included 6 models, all with very different inspirational looks. He taught us the importance of color placement based on the way the hair would be styled, especially when it comes to a formal style like a bridal updo or special event.

This color is making a comeback.

Aubrey showed us some upcoming trends of warmer golden blondes. Yes I said that right, warm blondes are making a comeback! Aubrey shared subtle ways to transition our clients to warmer tones, including changes as simple as adding richness back in with the right lowlight and a soft gold toner. He reminded us not to do too much at once and to take baby steps.

One thing that he touched on, that I personally loved, is knowing the color line so well, that you create a knowing intuition of how to take calculated risks and get incredible results. That’s where the artistry of hair lives, in knowing all of our tools so well, and knowing our clients hair, that we can create magic.

Thank you, Aubrey, for sharing some of your magic with us! You were a dream to work with and we look forward to having you again soon!

Liz Schlachter is a Wella Master Colorist and Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon – Eagan Station. You can find her on instagram @hairbizbyliz_.



Liz Schlachter

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  1. With the trend of warmer blondes coming back could the Aveda Rep please return the product to your shelves Camomille Color Conditioner? No offense, but it seems blatantly biased to have only the one color conditioner by Aveda!

    1. Unfortunately, Aveda has discontinued their Color Conditioners including their Clove & Chamomile conditioners. They have launched a new color and shine treatment which we would be happy to special order for you at your location of choice. This is an at home color mask that instantly boosts color and shine. Feel free to give us a call for help, or ask your stylist!

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