The Best Minnesota Summer Activities—With a Bit of Beauty to Match!

There’s really nothing like a Minnesota summer, is there? We wait all year for these glorious months of sunshine and happiness, and to our credit, Minnesotans really savor each moment and make the most of the season with tons of summery activities. Of course, you want to look your best when you’re sunnin’ and funnin’ in the great outdoors, which is why we’ve paired our favorite Minnesota moments with a salon service or beauty product! Whether you’re boating at the lake or spending the day at the State Fair, we’re here to help you look and feel your best for the best days of the year.

But before we go there—wear sunscreen! The most important part of any summer activity is sunscreen, every day. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s put our sandals on and begin, shall we?

A weekend at the lake.

One of the most time-honored traditions of a Minnesota summer is going up to the cabin for the weekend. It may be your cabin, your family cabin or a friend’s place, but you should never show up for a cabin weekend empty-handed. We like to bring a set of Aveda Shampure shampoo and conditioner as a host gift because it’s simple, affordable, smells amazing and works for most hair types—your cabin guests deserve more than a grocery store shampoo!

Wedding season.

Nearly everyone in Minnesota ties the knot in the summer, because, well, weather. If you’re getting married, or are part of a bridal party, invest in lash extensions so you always look wide-awake, doe-eyed and gorgeous from the bachelorette party to the honeymoon. We seriously think they’re life-changing and offer classic and volume lash extensions, as well as lash and brow tints if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle. If you’d rather grow your lashes with a serum, we sell (and love) RevitaLash too! (Plus, check out this great promo we’re running—while supplies last!)

Patio cocktails.

Happy hour is never more fun than in the summer. If you’re hitting up a patio post-work with your team or hanging out all Sunday with your friends, make sure your feet are ready for it with a pedicure. We’ve got several different pedi services, from an express version to a Reflexology-focused pedi that will make you feel SO relaxed and amazing, ready for a cold glass of rosé (or two).

Pool days.

Anyone who has spent a long time in chlorine knows that it wreaks havoc on your hair and can make it feel dry, lackluster or even green! Visit us for a Malibu treatment after your pool time has ended (we usually recommend coming in when summer is turning to fall) to remove buildup and chlorine from your strands and restore them to their natural beauty.

Outdoor sports.

If you’re sporty, your summer may be full of long jogs, games in the park, or visits to Target Field, and you don’t want to waste time washing your hair! Refresh with an aerosol dry shampoo or texturizing spray from Bumble and bumble; just toss it in your gym bag to say goodbye to sweat and hello to freshness.

The State Fair.

The State Fair is always so hot, humid and dirty, which is part of its charm. The best way to clean up after a long day of eating, drinking and wandering through crowds and barns is with your favorite Eminence Organics cleanser and a Clarisonic to deeply cleanse your skin and clear up your Fair-stuffed pores. If you want an even deeper clean post-Fair (or after the summer ends), try a classic facial or a chemical peel to refresh your skin and make you forget about the smell in the pig barn.

Now get out there and show off your best summer look! And if you still need help or even want to think about transitioning your beauty routine to the fall, give us a call or stop by your favorite salon. We’re always happy to help!




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