Spring Break 3×3: Hair & makeup tips for the #BestWeekEver

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It may not feel like it outside, but spring break is quickly approaching! Below are a few tips and tricks to achieve effortless makeup and hairstyles for relaxing in style. These tips are so simple and user-friendly—everyone can pull them off!


1. Keep the face simple.

Using a tinted moisturizer with SPF (we heart Image Skincare’s Tinted SPF) will not only protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it will give you a natural radiant glow while feeling weightless on the skin. Boost the healthy glow by using a regular bronzer for oily skin or a liquid bronzer for dry skin. Pro-tip: you can also use your bronzer as your eye shadow. Complete the sun-kissed look with an apricot blush like Jane Iredale’s Copperwind—one of our favorites for the cheeks!.

2. Touch up those brows.

Cleaned up brows that are still full and natural are incredibly on trend, and that’s not changing any time soon. Using a tinted brow gel will color the lighter hairs, making your brows appear fuller and acting like a hairspray to keep everything on point. Get your hands on the Jane Iredale tinted brow gel now! It’s not only for spring break; it will become a staple in your daily routine.

3. Hydrate your lips.

An easy beauty tip we commonly forget is to always hydrate and protect our lips. Spring break often involves pools and beaches, which can be harsh on your lips. Make sure to apply your Jane Iredale Lip Drink with SPF 15 throughout the day. It’s amazing, and smells so good!


1. Bun it.

What’s a girl to do on those days when you wake up with uncooperative hair and limited time before heading to the pool? Enter: the top bun. Start by pulling your hair into a simple ponytail a tad higher than usual on the top of your head and creating a messy bun. This is something you can easily put together with or without a mirror—in 60 seconds or less. Simple and cute!

2. Wave it.

Everyone loves wavy hair, and we’ve got two styles that are easier to achieve than most people think. Prepare your hair by detangling with a wet brush (designed especially for wet hair!) and putting on a styling product like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. To get beachy waves, use your Hot Tools curling iron by loosely wrapping the hair around the iron instead of using the clamp. Or if using the clamp, simply don’t hold your hair in there for as long. It’s okay if the curls aren’t perfect—the messier the better. After all, beach waves are meant to be wild and loose.

Summer waves—the second look—is super easy once you get the hang of it. Using your favorite GHD straightener, clamp down on a small section of hair, rotate your hand forward and slowly pull the straightener down an inch. Then rotate your hand the other way while pulling down another inch. Rotate and slowly pull all the way down to the ends. The turning motion of your wrist will create kinks in your hair in the form of those luxurious summer waves!

Finish off with Oribe Dry Texture Spray or Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish and voilà! You’ve got gorgeous waves to last the day.

3. Braid it.

Fishtail braids are super-easy ways to keep your locks in once place while you paddleboard your way into the sunset. Follow Molly’s tips from her post back in December!

With these easy makeup and hair tips, you’ll be ready for spring break in no time. Stop into your nearest Cole’s Salon location and pick up the recommended products below:

  • Image Skincare Tinted SPF
  • Jane Iredale Copperwind Blush
  • Jane Iredale Tinted Brow Gel
  • Jane Iredale Lip Drink with SPF15
  • Oribe Dry Texture Spray
  • Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish
  • Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
  • Wet Brush

Arynn Anderson Thorp is an Esthetician at Cole’s Salon in Burnsville.



Arynn Anderson Thorp

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