Meet Revive – Transformative Tape-in for Hair Loss

More than 58 million Americans face hair loss each year. It is normal for hair loss to meet us at many of life’s changes. There are a lot of options to support thinning hair if you notice your usual style is falling flat, but sometimes our clients are looking for a transformative change. If you have or are experiencing hair loss on the top of your head, Revive can be a great option for you!

Is Revive Right for Me?

Revive was specifically designed to help those with hair loss on the top of their head. Many of our clients who love Revive have tried other extension methods that are no longer working for them. The Revive tape-on pieces are reusable, human hair and have a variety of cap options for different amounts of hair loss. The unique construction of this puts zero stress on the hair and does not require shaving your head. We custom color them as well as cut them to the desired style the guest is looking for. This service gives women their confidence back, allows them to have an active lifestyle, gives them flexibility in styling, and most of all, relieves them of worrying about their hair loss. 

How Does Revive Work?

We will find the ideal placement of the taping on your head based on the amount of hair loss you are experiencing. The install and subsequent re-taping take about one hour. You can wash your hair like normal, and most of our clients find they can go longer in between washing their hair because the piece holds a style so well! It is crucial to use products to protect the hair and to come in for regular re-taping every 4-6 weeks. We use a special remover for the re-taping, so no additional stress is put on the hair. With proper maintenance, we can typically reuse the hair piece for 8-12 months!

What Do Clients Say About It?

Revive is a transformational service, and for that reason, it is my favorite thing to do for clients. Clients generally do not report any discomfort with the tape-in, but I have been told it can get a little itchy if you go too long in between re-taping. Here is what a few of them have said about it!

“You gave me my life back!”

“I feel younger.” 

“You gave my wife the twinkle back in her eye.”

I don’t even have to think about my hair anymore.”

Learn More About Revive

Does Revive sound like it could be the right option for you? Schedule a consultation with me today!

Julie Norstedt is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon in Burnsville. Follow her on Instagram at @julesnorstedt.



Julie Norstedt

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Do you do the Revive and which Cole’s do you work out of? I would love for you to look at my hair. I use to have really thick hair and everyone talked about my thick hair. Not anymore! It really makes me sad.Now it is so hard to work with. I live in Northfield so close to Burnsville. Thanks🌞

    1. Connie—Julie works out of the Burnsville location! Feel free to give the Burnsville store a call and ask for a consultation with Julie. She’d love to meet you!

    1. Hello, the pricing varies! Please call for a consultation if you’d like to learn more. Thanks!

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