Making Self-Love a Priority in 2023

As we enter into 2023 and think about the new year ahead, many of us have already set goals with our finances, relationships, and professional lives. While we strive to be our best selves, let’s not forget that feeling good inside and out sets us up for success in our day-to-day lives and longer-term goals. Making self-love a priority in 2023 means taking intentional time to build your foundation and reminding yourself that you are deserving of the things you want.

How Does Self-Love Help Me Reach My Other Goals?

Self-love is so much more than booking yourself a spa day (although we do highly recommend those here at Cole’s Salon!). It is about creating a routine of health for yourself from a place of affirming that you’re worth it! When you can build in an intentional schedule of rest & recovery, partnered with exercise and mindful activities, you can begin to feel more energized and present for the rest of your life. Giving priority to yourself will increase your productivity (at work!), can give you more patience (with your kids), and overall give you a sense of balance in the busyness of life.

The Power of Three

Building a whole new routine doesn’t happen overnight. Start with one area you crave the most and focus there. For example, if you are continually exhausted try building a few moments of rest each week. This can look like finding an activity like reading or knitting and setting aside 30 minutes, three times a week to enjoy it. Or, it could look like finding three evenings a week when you can go to bed 30 minutes earlier. The goal would be to schedule three, 30-minute commitments to yourself this week.

As you begin to see success in this new routine, build on your habit. If you have been successful in giving yourself three 30-minute sessions of rest, build in three 30-minute sessions of exercise next, or make three healthier choices when looking at your meals for the week. The power of three is helpful as it builds consistency and routine but it is not overwhelming in a week’s time.

Take Out the Guesswork, Find Your Team

When we hold ourselves accountable to self-love goals, it can be easy to get pulled into other obligations and let the time we set aside go. Or, to completely miss the point of intentional “me time” when we get caught in our heads with our new routines, wondering things like “was I supposed to do cardio or weights first? Am I even doing this right? Will this really work for me?” 

Just like working with a personal trainer can help you kickstart a new routine you are confident in, with set appointments to stay on track, making an appointment with a pampering expert means you can relax into your new routine, knowing you are starting on the best possible foot! At Cole’s, our team of designers, estheticians, and nail technicians would love to pamper you and help you build a great hair and skin routine that works for you! 

Outside of planning time with professionals, don’t forget that sharing our goals with a family member or friend makes us more likely to follow through on our commitments. Plus, you might discover that you have some goals in common! Sharing them with someone can help even more as we are able to share our journey, struggles, and successes and, perhaps make time to work on goals together! 

Cheers to Self-Love

You deserve to prioritize your health and well-being. You are worth being on the A-list! Everyone who loves you knows it. Don’t let yourself forget it—book your new year’s service today.

Heather Ehresman is the Director of Team Development at Cole’s Salon.



Heather Ehresman

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