Joy: Our Annual Company Celebration in One Word

There’s a well-known proverb that goes something like, “Surround yourself with people who touch your heart and nourish your soul.”

At Cole’s Salon, we’re incredibly fortunate to live that truth every day. And we try to celebrate our little family every chance we get. Earlier this month, our entire staff came together for our annual company meeting to reflect on the past year, look to the future, honor our team members and showcase some of our team’s creative talent.

And the Award Goes To…
Two groups were recognized for their leadership and inspiration by way of the Jennifer Wilson Leadership and Excellence Award and Joel Suzuki Star Thrower Award.

The Jennifer Wilson Leadership and Excellence Award recognizes team members who nurture and encourage those around them, demonstrate excellent skills, and model fashion and personal creativity. This year’s award winners are:

  • Gretchen Place, Burnsville
  • Erin Caruso, Cedar Cliff
  • Nicky Kressman, Eagan Station
  • Kelly Sazama, Apple Valley
  • Marie Wickstrom, Savage
  • The Joel Suzuki Star Thrower Award honors team members who make a difference while encouraging and inspiring others on their life journey. This year’s award winners are:

  • Cheri Iyegha, Eagan Station
  • Linnaea Renner, Eagan Station
  • Jen Strean, Burnsville
  • Kimberly Werner, Cedar Cliff
  • Reflections on Joy
    Joy was the word of the night—inspired by our relationships with one another, our clients and our craft. Here’s what a few team members had to say about their work and of the night:

  • “I am reminded as we gather the love we all have for each other. We celebrated so many wonderful people and accomplishments. I’m thankful to work for a place that makes celebrating each other so wonderful!” – Julie Norstedt
  • “Our 2017 company meeting was the perfect mix of party, celebration, vision sharing, mingling, entertainment and inspiration! We loved it!” – Jen Strean
  • “I want all of the women I work with to succeed and flourish, and I will do anything to help make that possible.” – Erin Caruso
  • “I learn and grow from my coworkers daily and I am so thankful to work for such an amazing company!” – Nicky Kressman
  • Here’s to Another Year
    We have the privilege of working with and serving some of the most loyal, wonderful, giving, and beautiful people in the world. We thank you for your friendship and being part of our family. Here’s to another amazing year!



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