Introducing: Oribe Renewal Remedies Service

So here we are, back to the swing of things since we’ve been able to open our doors again to our amazing guests. But tell me—how is your hair feeling after that 3-month hiatus? Probably not the greatest. Luckily, Oribe has just launched a new in-salon treatment line that will wash all those worries away!

The Renewal Remedies treatment line offers three categories that are tailored to your specific hair needs. You can choose between Smoothing, Strengthening, or Color Prevention. These treatments have launched exclusively to Oribe salons (Cole’s included!) and do not add any extra time to your actual service.

Let me tell you a little bit about what your hair will gain after this treatment:

  1. It restores the protective outer layer of the hair strand which shields it from environmental stress that we all have.
  2. It locks in essential moisture that your hair needs and smooths down the cuticle of your hair.
  3. It provides essential hydration and improves the texture of your hair which diminishes the frizz! 
  4. It increases the vibrancy of your hair color for a longer duration of time.  Don’t we all want our color to last longer?

Basically, you’ll walk out of the salon with your hair feeling smoother, softer, and more manageable—all for a $35 charge. And did I say no extra time added to your service?!

I have personally tried the treatments and can vouch for the validity of their outstanding claims. Coming from someone who has naturally curly hair with a lot of unwanted frizz, this treatment line will now be an essential part of my haircare routine. These treatments can be done every time you come in for a service if you’d like. Why not try a different treatment each time you come in? You can feel the effects immediately when you are finished with your service!

Also, if you have never tried Oribe products, one of the reasons why I love them is that they use the best ingredients which is something I always look for in my products. I happen to have multiple allergies so I am very particular when choosing products for myself. I love that Oribe products are dermatologist tested, vegan and gluten-free! This is hard to come by and that’s why I—as a designer—stand by this entire product line.

Ask About the Service!

So at your next service, don’t forget to ask your stylist about our new Renewal Remedy Treatments, or call today and I’d be happy to give your hair the refresh treatment that we’ve all been lacking the past few months.

Liz Youngman is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @lizblaze.



Liz Youngman

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