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easihair pro hair extensions are one of my favorite services to offer my clients at Cole’s. In case you haven’t yet heard about them, easiLengths hair extensions are created from 100% human hair and can be used for added length, volume, and/or color. All of our locations have designers who are certified and able to apply easiLengths—with the exception of a specific piece I’m excited to share with you, which we can only do at our Burnsville location.

But first—did you know you can apply extensions not just to add length and volume to the full head, but also just to the sides where many women have thinning strands? Check out this application we recently did for our friend Lindsi.

Lindsi’s Partial Extensions – easiLengths for Side Volume

Lindsi’s hair is fine and thin—a combination that creates plenty of breakage and eventually can result in areas where you can see through the hair to the face or neck. Lindsi has experimented with lots of products over the years—faithfully trying Aveda Invati (which she loved, but did more for preventing loss than encouraging growth), Bumble and bumble’s Full Potential line and more. So when she heard that we could apply a few pieces of easiLengths just to give her a fuller look on the sides of her face—she was in.

Here’s the pre-extension look—thinning sides with some noticeable gaps:

easiLengths are applied by taping the base of the extension piece to the hairline, along the roots. In this case, we simply chose a color that matched Lindsi’s highlights—but color matching can also be done, and the extensions can be colored using the same foil or all-over-color processes you use on your natural hair.

The number of extensions needed varies by person. On Lindsi, we applied three to one side and two to the other—based on the amount of thinning and where she parts her hair.

Then, we simply trimmed the extensions to match the length of her cut.

Check out the before and after!

Prices start at $50 per piece (including application), with re-application required approximately once per month. Depending on how well you take care of them, the pieces themselves can last up to seven months!

Libby’s Revival – easihair Revive Hair Piece

I’m so excited to share the good word about this amazing piece! Revive is a newer product from easihair, and it’s a total game-changer. It’s a semi-permanent hair piece that seamlessly integrates into anyone’s hair who’s experienced intermediate to severe hair loss. Unlike pieces from other lines, Revive is a reverse tape-in extension system that attaches without requiring a woman to shave her head! Fewer than 20 people in the U.S. are trained in Revive applications—and I’m so proud to be one of them. But enough about the piece itself—let me introduce you to Libby and show you how it works.

We first gave Libby her Revive piece about two years ago. After having kids, her hair was thinner than ever. Since her youngest child was born 13 years ago, she has tried everything—clip-in extensions, taped pieces, products—anything you can dream of, Libby has tried. She always wore a baseball cap. Any time she had a wedding or another formal event, Libby would stress and panic about how she was going to feel confident and comfortable without her hair hidden under a cap.

I’ve been doing her hair for years, and kept telling her Revive was coming. So when it was finally launched and we were able to apply it—she made an appointment right away. Here’s how it works.

The piece is applied at the root of the hair, at the base of the crown—under a line of natural hair.

We then apply the adhesive strip around the crown of the head.

Then, we prepare the piece itself, removing the adhesive backing.

And gently apply it to the strip.

Once applied, we pull the natural hair through the piece at the top.

Once all hair is pulled through, you can brush and comb as normal. The piece is completely invisible.

And just like easiLengths, you can color and style the Revive piece just as you would your natural hair.

I have never completed a Revive application on a client without them crying tears of joy! For Libby, one of the best moments was when her daughter’s friends saw her hair down for the first time. They asked, “Why does your mom never wear her hair down? It’s so pretty!” They had no idea it was a piece—they just thought she always had her thick, natural hair hidden under that baseball cap.

But best moment for me was when Libby first got her piece, and I got a text from her husband. He said, “I can’t even tell you how you’ve given my wife her sparkle back. I’m sitting across from her at dinner and she’s just so beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

And, just for fun, here’s a photo of the two of us after her most recent application! Look at those luscious locks.

If you know someone for whom Revive or easiLengths would help get their sparkle back—give us a call. We’d love to be part of this life-changing decision!

Julie Norstedt is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville



Julie Norstedt

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