Getting Out of That Skincare Rut

Copy of Skincare rut blog Post - InstaHave you ever been stuck in a skincare rut? I found myself in one a few months ago. My low-maintenance, wash-and-go look with drugstore cleansers was leaving my skin looking dull, flaky and lifeless. I needed a change.

Funny what a little routine adjustment and product makeover will do! I’m two weeks into my new skincare routine, and my skin is looking better than ever. I even noticed results in just four days! People are telling me I’m glowing, and asking me what new makeup I’m using. But the secret is actually in the pre-makeup routine. Here’s a breakdown of my new routine and new favorite skincare products:

Morning Routine:
1. Apply Ormedic Gel Cleanser from Image Skincare to my Clarisonic
2. Wash my entire face and rinse with cold water
3. Dry my face lightly with a towel
4. Apply Oribe Radiant Face Drops
5. Put on my makeup, and our the door I go!

Evening Routine:

1. Wash my face with Oribe Daily Ritual Cream face cleanser
2. Rinse with cold water
3. Apply Oribe Radiant Drops
4. Put on Oribe Night Ceremony Cream

If you’re not sure where to start with a routine makeover, err on the side of simplicity. Clean and moisturized skin is the most important thing. I find that my makeup goes on and stays on the best when my skin feels completely moisturized.

And Cole’s is here to help! Ask any employee what their favorite products are, or schedule some time for a consultation with one of our estheticians.

A fresh new look is just a few routine adjustments away!



Rachel Stemper

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