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Last week, 15 of our designers had the opportunity to expand their styling skills through Bumble University Styling 1 Class. The Styling 1 Class is a two-day styling class to advance foundational skills—from brush work to blow-drying techniques. Even though this is the entry-level class of Bb University, some of our more veteran designers walked away with new tips, tricks and confidence. Here’s what Molly had to say:

“I recently had the opportunity to attend the Styling 1 workshop. I was so excited to attend this training because I love styling hair and always want to find ways to up my styling game. Day one was flat brush with two models. Day two was round brush with two models. I made sure that the models I found fit the Bumble criteria for Styling 1: not too curly and between shoulder length. I also wanted to make sure I found models who all had different hair types and/or challenges. The way Bit (from Bumble) explained the process and her support and feedback during my models was so valuable. I left this class with so much excitement for my job, new knowledge and a hunger to practice and perfect my skills. Now I can’t wait to go to Styling 2!” – Molly Linde

Always Learning
We’re always looking for ways to renew passion, restore focus and improve the skills of our Cole’s teams. Thanks to Bumble and bumble and all of our other favorite beauty brands for sharing their knowledge and helping us fall in love with what we do all over again.

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