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Fashion Week

We always enjoy seeing what’s new in the Twin Cities style scene, and there was an awesome amount of midwestern talent on display during the recent MN Fashion Week! On September 25th, local designer MiMi Pie released her 2017 collection at Mi17, a runway show at 514 Studios in Minneapolis. We had the opportunity to sponsor the event and members of our Cole’s team provided the hair and makeup design for the models.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 3.22.48 PMThe collection included more than 80 looks for all seasons and varied from ready-to-wear urban styles to upscale couture designs. The hairstyles and makeup were simple to complement the collection—our stylists enhanced natural texture on some models and created sleek ponytails on others, while makeup showcased long lashes, defined brows, and contoured features. We loved this opportunity to partner with some amazing local talent and put our artistry on display!

Thanks to our team-

  • Stylists: Amanda Cade, Bri Morin, Tina Him, Elizabeth Varevice, Brittany King, Molly Hiller, and Hannah Parks
  • Makeup artists: Amanda Engstrom, Renee Reibel, Stephanie Murphy, and Mary Claire Wingert

Be sure to check out @houseofnguyendesigns on Instagram!



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