Finding the Perfect Haircut for You

From our face shape to our hair texture, from our desired look to the reality of our lifestyle, there’s so much that goes into choosing a haircut that makes us look and feel our best. In a perfect world, each of us would have an at-home stylist do our hair just right each morning so we don’t have to! Until that happens, here are some tips to help you pick your perfect cut.

Face Shape

A great haircut will create an illusion of symmetry and balance. If you have an oval-shaped face, great news! Your face is already symmetrical, so you can go for pretty much any haircut you like. 

Square face-shaped ladies, you may want to consider avoiding heavy weight lines or bulk at the jawline. Also, consider adding some volume to your cut!

If your face is diamond-shaped, you may want to try some bangs or a bit of face-framing fringe. Women with this face shape often also need a little bit of fullness at the bottom of the cut.

Heart face-shaped gals, consider a length past your chin and a cut that includes some layering. You’ll also look great rocking a high ponytail!

Below the chin is a good length for ladies with a round-shaped face. You’ll also want a cut that breaks up the face with some framing and volume. 

And if you have a longer-shaped face, face-framing long layers add a nice line to the cheek to break up the shape. A bob would look great as well! 

A few other things to keep in mind: You know best what you like or don’t like about your face shape. The perfect haircut for you will bring out your natural beauty, give you confidence, and disguise any flaws you might perceive. That said, just because your face shape suggests that bangs could be a good look on you doesn’t mean you need to get bangs! And likewise, if you’re dying to try a new look that goes against the “rules” of your face shape, do it! When you feel secure in your choices, you’ll always look beautiful.

Hair Texture

How curly is your hair? How dense? How thick is each strand? The answers to these questions will help determine if the cut you want is achievable for your hair type.


Let’s move on and consider lifestyle, which is important to consider when choosing a haircut. Your stylist will have you leaving the salon feeling gorgeous, but what happens on day two or three? Consider whether you’re able and willing to take the time to style your hair at home and use the products necessary to achieve the look you got at the salon. You may also want to consider alternative options for those days when you don’t want to spend the time styling your hair. Does it need to fit into a ponytail for when you’re at the gym? How do you feel about pinning those bangs back during exercise?

Your stylist wants you to leave the salon with a pep in your step, feeling like the world is a better place. We want you to feel beautiful, and we want you to be able to achieve the look you want once you’re back at home. A new haircut is supposed to be fun!

Think about your lifestyle and your home styling habits, bring your ideas in, and we’ll work together to come up with the perfect haircut for you.

Jessica H. is an advanced designer at our Apple Valley location. She joined the Cole’s Salon team in 1998.



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