Artistry Color 101: Why Should I Go Custom?

What is hair color artistry?

Artistry color includes a wide variety of more advanced, detailed, and artistic techniques used while coloring hair. It can be a multi-step process of coloring, with a more customized application and formulation. The most common kind of artistry color that is asked for would be a “lived-in” hair color, which allows your hair to grow out and still look beautiful without requiring regular root touch-ups, an upside to this coloring style.

The natural and softer grow out of artistry color comes from the time, process and product used. This also means that artistry color pricing is often higher than other color treatments. 


What are the types of artistry color?

Foilyage / Teasylights

Foilyage or teasylights is a blend between a balayage and foiling technique where a fine section of hair is backcombed, then is painted like a balayage but within a foil. This technique is used to create a more diffused and softer foiled look, usually lifting lighter than a balayage could.


Balayage, French for “to paint”, is a technique used to achieve more of a natural, sunkissed look. This treatment is processed in open air or while covered in plastic film.

Reverse Balayage / Color Melt

Reverse balayage or color melt adds depth or dimension into a blonde to create pops of brightness, to darken and add dimension, or to blend out previous color/foil lines.


Babylights are very delicate highlights that create a more natural blend of color.

Root Tap

Root tap is the toning down of the first half inch-to-inch of hair in order to diffuse any foil lines for a softer grow out.


Why would you book an artistry color vs. a foil?

Foiling tends to be best for clients who are okay with a more noticeable grow out or who want a more dramatic color change or intense contrast of color. Foiling often requires more frequent touch-ups to preserve the look.

Artistry is often best for a lower-maintenance grow out, meaning less frequent touch-ups. Artistry color can also be a great way to ease into highlighting for clients newer to the look. Artistry clients often request a less noticeable grow out, shadow roots, money pieces (both soft and bold), a brighter feeling with soft grow out, and more dimensional color. 


Should I get an artistry color?

If you are unsure about what to ask for when booking, think about scheduling a free consultation to chat about what your goals are for your desired hair color. Bring inspiration pictures, and your stylist can decide what techniques would be best to use to achieve your desired result.




Anna W. is an advanced designer at our Cedar Cliff location. You can follow her on Instagram at @hairbyannawestby.



Call to book a service today to explore artistry color or another bold look for 2023. Designers like Anna offer no-cost consultations. 

If you’re interested in taking your creativity to a new, dynamic level, consider joining the Cole’s team.




Anna Westby

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