Answer Your Beauty Questions with a Virtual Consultation

Your designer or esthetician always knows exactly how to achieve your beauty goals. They’ve seen you through every hair trend and new skincare technology. Now, you can tap into their expert knowledge with a complimentary virtual consultation from the comfort of your home! 

Thinking about trying out curtain bangs? Wondering if ProCell Microchanneling therapy is a good fit for you? Need new products for dry winter skin? (We definitely do!) Find the answers you need by booking a free 15-minute virtual consultation for hair styling or skincare.

We recommend a consultation for our more in-depth spa services such as our chemical peels or ProCell Microchanneling treatments, and for first-time facial clients. If you took a chance on box color or had a skincare experiment go awry (it happens!), a virtual consultation is perfect to figure out what you need before stepping into our salon. But a new treatment isn’t required for a virtual consultation—you’re welcome to schedule a consultation for any beauty question you have!

During the consultation, we’ll discuss next steps, what type of salon appointment we recommend, and if there are any products you can invest in to start to achieve your dream look. The best part? You can request which staff member you consult with, so you can keep that special relationship you have with your stylist or esthetician. 

We’re excited to offer virtual consultations at no cost to you, so you can feel confident and safe before booking your salon appointment.

Request your consultation now!



Heather Ehresman

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  1. I have lost my way during Covid and had to see different hair stylist that could not capture the look of what I once had . I would love a stylist who truly can embrace shorter hairstyles / and works with a 50 yr old mom / woman who doesn’t want to look old 🥰and want to be vanilla blonde

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