Stuck in a rut? 7 fun ways to change up your color.

Tired of your hair color but aren’t ready to make a dramatic change? We’ve been there. If you’ve been spending more and more time sighing over your reflection or taking fewer selfies because you’re bored with your look, there are a few simple solutions. Change it up without going crazy at Cole’s.

1. Go for gloss.

Have you ever added a gloss to your color service? Gloss is an inexpensive add-on that seals your hair and adds insane shine. Dark colors like espresso and auburn can always use some punching up, and if you’re a super-light blonde, a gloss can also disguise damage.

2. Bring in some brightness.

A little bit of balayage or babylights will lighten up your look with added brightness and dimension around your face. With these super-fine and subtle highlights, you’ll look like you’ve spent a few days in the Mexico sunshine instead of hours in your desk chair.

3. Try a variation on your shade.

If you’re a cool blonde, go a little ashier or bold with platinum. If you’re rockin’ brunette, add on a few caramel highlights or dramatic red tones to your color. It’s easy to enhance your hair with subtle accents while staying true to the colors you love.

4. Do a twist on ombre.

We’re still in love with ombre, but it’s fun to mix it up from the usual “brunette roots to blonde ends” look. Lighten up your ends a bit more with a bright blue or pink color you’ve been lusting after, or try a dark base with reddish tips. The possibilities are endless. And if you’re tired of your ombre, you can always go light again and bring the color back up to your roots.

5. Play with highlights.

Even adding a couple highlights can make a big difference. Whether we’re blending them through your hair from mid-length to the ends or painting strands to create a luminous effect, a strategically placed bit of color can have a big impact.

6. Add bright colors to your under layers.

For a conservative color with a bit of spice, consider adding those coveted bright colors to your bottom layers. The bold streaks can be easily hidden away or left peeking out for whatever the occasion calls for.

7. Talk to your colorist!

The next time you call to make an appointment at Cole’s, tell us what you’re thinking. Our staff is full of creative and talented stylists who are more than happy to take your color to a new, exciting level.

With these clever ideas on giving your hair color a subtle lift, you’ll be admiring your reflection and taking selfies like never before. Here’s to lustrous locks with stylish hints of color!



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