Winterize Your Skincare Routine

Skincare during the cold, winter months can be tricky—the air is dry and cold and we rarely get outside for fresh air and sunlight. So how do you keep your skin looking fresh, bright and supple?

A serious winter beauty routine can do wonders. Here are five common winter-weather skin problems, and what you should have on-hand to deal with them.

Problem #1: Dry, tight facial skin
This one is easy—moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. We’re obsessed with Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil, an ultra lightweight oil that hydrates, nourishes and soothes dry, sensitive skin. We also love Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer—a thick, whipped face cream that instantly relieves dry, itchy skin.

Problem #2: Dry, flaky skin everywhere else
Trouble spots like elbows are already prone to dryness, but cold weather can make matters worse. And even though a long, hot shower is sometimes all you want after running around outside in the cold, hot showers can actually strip your skin of its natural oils and make it more dry. Quick, warm showers are best, and while you’re in there—exfoliate. It sounds counterintuitive, but gently scrubbing will slough off dead skin cells and actually help your oils and lotions work better.

Once we’re out of the shower, we like to slather on Eminence’s Apricot Body Oil—an ultra hydrating and nourishing apricot oil, blended with an assortment of healing essential oils to create a luscious massage oil for the skin. We also keep a multi-purpose healing balm close by at night to smooth on irritated patches, like Aveda’s Hand Relief Lotion for our hands, elbows and even feet!

Problem #3: Chapped lips
The skin on your lips is thinner and more delicate than other areas of your body, so it’s more vulnerable to the elements. When inside, try using a humidifier at night—this little machine does wonders for keeping lips (and skin) moisturized. When outside, cover up! Lock in moisture and add color with Smith & Cult’s Lip Lacquer—our lips remain hydrated and conditioned all day long, thanks to the special blend of plant extracts and natural coconut essence to add an extra dose of moisture and volume.

Problem #4: Itchy, watery eyes
When your eyes are itchy and watery, sometimes the last thing you want to put on them is makeup. Smith & Cult B-Line Eyeliner and Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara are safe alternatives to make your eyes pop.

Problem #5: Dry, brittle hair
Dry and brittle hair is a common problem, but these dry winter months leave many searching for a magic moisturizing solution. We can’t get enough of Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil for intense hydration. We start with the Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-shampoo Masque (once or twice a week), then use the Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, and then finish off with the Invisible Hair Oil for lightweight, smooth, feather soft hair.

Above all else, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and keep your diet full of juicy fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. And remember that when in doubt, defer to an expert. Our trained estheticians offer a number of professional treatments, and can recommend products for your particular skin type or skin condition.



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