Winter Lip Care 101

When was the last time you put on the bright red lipstick, just because?

I used to love adding gloss and a pop of color to my in-person look. When I have virtual presentations and am not wearing a mask, I give my lips a little extra love.

You heard me, lips! When our masks come off, we want to look and feel our best—and our lip color to stay put. Lip care always gives me that boost and confidence I’m looking for these days. We’ve all been there, in the checkout lane, lips dry and cracked when we reach for the $1.99 chapstick tube. Instant relief? Maybe, but you’re worth a little extra! 

Upgrade Your Balm

Hydration is the first step to beautiful lips! Our lip treatments from IMAGE Skincare set the foundation for healthy, beautiful lips. They hydrate and reduce fine lines! My favorite product is the Ormedic Lip Enhancement treatment. During the day, I apply a thin layer to protect and hydrate behind my mask. 

At night, lips are the last step in my routine. After cleansing and moisturizing my face, I put on a thick layer before bed so the treatment can work its magic all night long.

Adding Glam

Now that your lips are hydrated, how about a little color?  Even just a hint of pink can add definition and you’ll look and feel more confident before your next virtual presentation. One of my absolute must haves this season is the newly-formulated Lip Fixations line by Jane Iredale. This product is a dual ended lip stain and lip gloss. And it really stays put without transferring to your mask! There is no smudging, smearing or color transfer with these lip stains. Check out the video below to apply like a pro, and choose your favorite from our 12 different shades! I love wearing Lix Fixations for a date night, virtual happy hour with my girl friends or if I just want to feel pretty!

If you want to see the colors up close and personal, or wondering what lip product you should start with,
book an easy virtual appointment! You’ll be able to chat for 15 minutes with any of our beauty specialists to get their expert advice. And it’s free! Request a virtual appointment today.



Heather Ehresman

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