Which Part Is Right for You: A Cole’s Stylist Weighs In

Over the years there have been plenty of beauty debates, but this year, one has taken the internet by storm and has two generations facing off against each other. The controversy: Where should you part your hair?

Millennials and Gen Z are staunchly divided on this question and weighing in on TikTok to voice their opinions. Gen Z insists that middle parts are more flattering and on-trend while Millennials argue that their side parts are more favorable. The controversy has some questioning their choice of part and worrying about fitting in with 2021 trends.

In reality, parting your hair to the side or in the middle has nothing to do with how old you are, rather what is best for you as an individual. 

When asking which style is more flattering for you, it all comes down to your face shape and your personal style! Let’s break down both options so you can choose which style works best for you.

Side Part

  • Softens features
  • Perfect for concealing hair loss
  • Flatters the majority of face shapes
  • A quick way to add the appearance of volume
  • Minimizes the appearance of large foreheads
  • Ideal for oval, round or heart shaped face shapes

Middle parts

  • Give a more sleek and direct look
  • Compliments the natural symmetry of the face
  • Elongates your face shape
  • Ideal for square or diamond face shapes
  • Creates balance
  • Can soften your jawline and cheekbones

So why are middle parts all the rage all of a sudden? It could have to do with the hairstyles that are currently trending. Among these are symmetrical haircuts with features like curtain bangs and bold chunky layers. Middle parts effortlessly highlight these hairstyles and give them a classic and bold look.

If you’re debating between these options or others, just remember that what matters most is if you feel comfortable and confident with your look. And, if you want to mix things up, it’s as easy as taking out a comb and finding a mirror.

 Molly Stutzka is a Senior Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can find her on Instagram at @molly_colessalon.



Molly Stutzka

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  1. Brittany, stylist out of the Savage Salon in Minnesota, is the perfect remedy for blondes! She’s amazing! She lightens my brown roots perfectly after recommending Oribe Lust Oil and Bumble and Bumble While you Sleep, which has kept my hair healthy while being lifted to a perfect white blonde!

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