What to Know About Hair Loss—and How to Fight Back

Does your reflection in the mirror look a bit different than usual? Are you noticing more hair in your brush or in the shower drain? Does your go-to style look a bit … deflated? If so, you may be experiencing hair loss. 

There are a few common reasons you could be losing your hair. Postpartum hair loss is a big one; many people who have recently welcomed a child notice thinning and shedding a few months in, though the loss isn’t usually permanent. Aging can cause your hair to look less full and vibrant than it was. Hormones and your family history can impact hair loss, as can stress. You may also experience hair loss if you frequently wear hairstyles like high ponytails, tight updos, or cornrows.

Hair loss doesn’t mean you’re doomed to hiding from your reflection forever. With a little help from your trusted stylist, a few products, and a boost of confidence, you can tackle your hair loss and feel like yourself again. 

Don’t feel ashamed.

Many people deal with hair loss. It’s normal! Even people with super thick hair can experience loss from time to time. Your Cole’s stylist wants to know your concerns so they can help you find styles and products to help address loss and make hair look thicker and further, so please don’t feel ashamed when you sit down in the chair. You’re not alone! 

Change up your style.

If your loss is significant, you may want to change up your cut and color to disguise it. Going a shade or two lighter can help your hair look fuller and disguise some of the space between hair and scalp; it can also keep focus on your face by adding extra brightness. Natural-looking, dimensional blended highlights are a good option too. If you choose to go several shades darker than your natural color, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping on top of regular appointments because the grow out will look more obvious with thinning hair.

While you don’t need to chop off all your hair if you’re experiencing loss, going slightly shorter can help your hair look thicker. Try a textured bob or lob with light layers or a choppy pixie cut if you do decide to go short. Blunt cuts can also add bulk to thin, fine hair, and if you’re really in the mood for something new, try sideswept or curtain bangs. 

Your Cole’s stylist will be able to help you find a style that works for your hair type and styling preferences; just be honest about what you’re experiencing and work through it together. 

Be gentle.

Treat your thinning hair with kid gloves to reduce extra fall out. Brush from ends to roots and don’t pull or yank on any tangles or snags. Be gentle when styling and try not to pull your hair up too tightly; this is the time for low, loose ponytails and silk scrunchies, not high ponytails or pigtails.

Use targeted products for thinning hair.

When you’re experiencing hair loss, your go-to products may not cut it anymore. Many of our favorite brands offer innovative products that get to work on your hair while feeling luxurious and not medicinal. The stinky, harsh products your grandma may have used are no more, and in their place are products made with nurturing, beneficial ingredients and fabulous aromas.

Aveda’s Invati Advanced system includes shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp spray that helps reduce hair loss and makes hair look thicker. Oribe’s Serene Scalp Thickening Treatment Spray plumps up hair and makes it look thicker and fuller. As for styling, we love Bumble & bumble’s Thickening Spray for creating instant volume and lift. Once again, this is a great time to work with your stylist on the best products for your hair news.

Call in the pros.

If you’re really concerned about the amount of hair you’re losing, it’s worth checking in with your doctor to make sure everything is OK. We’re also here to help!




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