We Won’t Hush (& Hush) Up About These Amazing New Products

If you’re looking for a clean, clinical beauty supplement, we have just the product for you! Cole’s Salon recently added the first-ever line of beauty luxury nutraceuticals to our shelves, created by Hush & Hush. These supplements will help you live younger, longer, and they’re full of active ingredients backed by clinical science that help combat aging, hair loss and stress from the inside out!

The co-founders of Hush & Hush, Janna Ronert and Dr. Marc Ronert, are the co-creators of one of our favorite skin care lines, IMAGE Skincare, and their new product lineup is their next big step in helping all of us look and feel our best. “Today, it’s more apparent than ever that the best approach to healthy aging is one that consists of using both internal and external products,” the co-founders say. And we agree!

The new Hush & Hush products include: 


Scientifically formulated to balance the body and shield against external aggressors (including blue light), regenerating from head to toe for a younger-looking you.


Helps strengthen hair that has become weak, damaged and resistant to normal growth caused by over-styling, hormonal changes and the aging progress.


Contains scientifically blended, enriched natural calming aids to instill a state of tranquility for your mind, body and soul (and it’s 100 percent melatonin-free).


A vegan protein powder that fuels the body with long-lasting energy and revitalizes from the inside out to start your day. 

What I fell in love with is that each Hush & Hush supplement has a plan and purpose. They’ve streamlined what we need for optimal health and have ensured that every single ingredient has a job! That means there are no fillers, additives or synthetic ingredients. 

The entire product line is great, but I have my favorites, of course. Each morning, I start with PlantYourDay™ protein powder. It has only 110 calories, tastes delicious, and has no added sugar. More importantly, the main source of protein is derived from pumpkin rather than a traditional whey protein. Its chocolate flavor is the perfect way to indulge my sweet tooth and satisfy my hunger first thing in the morning!

I also love Hush & Hush’s approach to their TimeCapsule supplement, which is similar to a daily vitamin — or, should I say, a supercharged daily vitamin! Taking two of these each morning gives me all of the vitamins and minerals I need to start my day right, and it’s also packed with ingredients like collagen, biotin and hyaluronic acid to help slow aging. It perfectly complements what I’m doing topically with my Image Skincare products, just like the co-founders intended.

These new products are only available to professionals, physicians, medical spas and prestige retailers, so stop by your nearest Cole’s Salon to give them a try!

Heather Ehresman is on the corporate team at Cole’s Salon.




Heather Ehresman

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