Upping Our Updo Game at the Oribe Atelier

Last month, one of our favorite beauty brands, Oribe, brought hair stylists from all over the country to New Orleans for the Oribe Atelier. This dynamic, one-day event showcased the latest in styling, cutting and color education through live demonstrations and an exclusive hands-on workshop.

Fifteen of us from Cole’s were in attendance to learn and grow together—in style. Here are my takeaways! 

Why I Loved the Oribe Atelier

The Oribe Atelier is a chance for hair stylists from all over the country who use and love Oribe products to come together and learn from the Oribe educational team. This combination of education and inspiration brings incredible hands-on training and technique to thousands of salon teams, stylists, and owners. Onstage, Oribe artists share looks from the runway and in-salon; while on the floor, these same artists guide stylists through recreating the styles on models.

What I Loved About My Experience

First off, the experience to step out from behind the chair and stretch myself doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes for me, it comes with a little nervousness and unknown expectations. But it also comes with a lot of excitement, opportunities to learn—and just having fun! 

The show itself was nothing short of amazing and started with a tribute to Oribe Canales, his legacy and his contributions to all of us in the industry. Then we learned all about updos to get ready for the hands-on workshop. For the workshop, only around 100 of us got the opportunity to participate. As we worked, the Oribe Education Team walked around and assisted us with our updo masterpieces. When I finished, I took a deep breath and brought my model over to photograph and I felt proud—I had stepped out of that box that I feel comfortable in and I created something more than a hairstyle. 

Why I Love Continuing Education

I will always be grateful for these continuing education opportunities that we get at Cole’s. For my peers and colleagues—I would love to challenge you or anyone to try to attend an Atelier event, even if you think it isn’t for you! For me, I walked away with new amazing friendships, inspiration for my craft, and a level of self confidence that I can do what is put in front of me even if I doubt myself. 

As we wrap up another successful Atelier I ask the questions—where will the next one be, and who wants to go?

Jackie Moline is an Advanced Designer at our Apple Valley salon.



Jackie Moline

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