When We Are Together, We Win: Our Annual Company Celebration

Every year we come together to celebrate the successes from the past year and give special honor to those who have demonstrated great passion, skill and leadership in our company. Being abundantly joyful is something we believe in quite strongly, and this night is no different than any other in showing that belief. Looking around to see familiar faces and feeling the energy from hundreds of excited employees is something to marvel at.

Our guest speaker, Frank Gambuzza, owner of The Visage Group and President of Intercoiffure America/Canada, said it best: “You don’t see even five salons in the country doing what you are doing at Cole’s Salon.”

We are proud to be a company that puts value in our team members, regardless of position, because when we are together, we win.

And the Award Goes To…

Two groups were recognized for their leadership and inspiration by way of the Jennifer Wilson Leadership and Excellence Award and Joel Suzuki Star Thrower Award.

The Jennifer Wilson Leadership and Excellence Award recognizes team members who nurture and encourage those around them, demonstrate excellent skills, and model fashion and personal creativity. This year’s award winners are:

  • Liz Youngman, Burnsville
  • Shayna Mellor, Cedar Cliff
  • Linnaea Renner, Eagan Station
  • Tracy Workman, Apple Valley
  • Bri Morin, Savage

The Joel Suzuki Star Thrower Award honors team members who make a difference while encouraging and inspiring others on their life journey. This year’s award winners are:

  • Dawn VonBokern, Burnsville
  • Tracy Sharpe, Cedar Cliff

Reflections on Abundance

We are continuously inspired by our relationships with one another, our clients and our craft. Here’s what a few team members had to say about their work and of the night:

“I loved getting together with the Cole’s team because it highlights what we do best—having fun as a family to celebrate all of our accomplishments and growth.” – Jenna Buck, Burnsville

“Our guest speaker Frank Gambuzza’s speech was a refreshing reminder for our talented employees of what a privilege it is to work at such a special salon/spa.” – Heather Hagel, Burnsville

“I work with the most wonderful and talented people. I am so proud of my Cole’s family and the love we represent, not just for the industry, but also one another.” – Dawn Von Bokern, Burnsville

“When thinking about this years company meeting, all I can feel is gratitude about how grateful I am to work with such amazing people everyday. I am so honored to have been nominated for the Jennifer Wilson award and to work at a company with so many talented people who are not just my coworkers, but my friends also.” – Liz Youngman, Burnsville

Here’s to Another Year

We have the privilege of working with and serving some of the most loyal, wonderful, giving, and beautiful people in the world. We thank you for your friendship and being part of our family. Here’s to another amazing year!



Kate Moore

5 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. So wonderful to see people coming together to use their talents to make people look and feel beautiful! It’s nice to know that the care and support starts from the top and works it’s way down to the customer. I’m proud to spend my time and money at a salon sincerely works to foster a positive environment for all. Keep up the good work ladies – we love you!

  2. Congratulations Tracy!!!! I have been going to Tracy for years. You couldn’t find a better person. She is always positive and caring. Tracy you definitely deserve this award!! You are fantastic!

  3. Coles is still in my heart after retiring.
    This is why even after Retirering I am attached and inspired!
    We need a community of people who believe in you and your potential greatness .
    Doug Cole has created this opportunity and all of the Leadership Team steer the vision !
    I still feel the legacy!!!!!$
    Love returning for a Celebration of passion and heart!

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