Three Reasons to Try Dermaplaning—My Favorite Exfoliation Technique

You hear it all the time—exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Especially during the winter months, exfoliation should be a regular part of your skincare routine to get rid of dead skin cells, unclog pores and to allow moisturizers and serums to better penetrate your skin.

When asked what my favorite exfoliation method is, I always say dermaplaning—a safe and effective technique that utilizes a medical-grade blade to scrape off dead skin and peach fuzz—revealing a smooth, supple, and radiant complexion with just one treatment. Here’s why it’s one of my favorite treatments to give AND receive:

It’s gentle and non-invasive 

It’s a painless procedure that most people think feels good and relaxing—like a cat licking your face.

You see instant results that last

Expect to see an instant improvement in skin texture and tone. Long-term, expect increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair.

It’s the perfect complement to other skin services

Dermaplaning removes that barrier of dead and dry cells to let your skin drink in moisturizing serums and anti-aging creams more efficiently. Using the treatment in conjunction with a chemical peel allows products to penetrate more effectively and gives better results with every treatment.

I tried the technique on Kate Moore, Retail and Service Advisor at our Burnsville location, and here’s what she had to say:

“I recently received my first-ever dermaplaning service. I didn’t know what to expect, or what it would feel like. During the service, it felt as though a cat was licking my face—at no point was it ever painful or uncomfortable.

Before I knew it, we were done and putting some personalized serums and moisturizer on. I was anxious to see my skin, wondering if I would really see a difference after just one session. YES, I did! When I looked in the mirror, I saw beautiful, glowing, radiant skin. I didn’t even put makeup back on for the rest of the day (and I had to work!) because my skin was so flawless. I got so many compliments on my skin—I looked and felt incredible!”  

Interested in Dermaplaning?

When you schedule a dermaplaning appointment as a single service, you still receive a cleanse, mask, serum and moisturizer treatment! Think of it like a quick facial that focuses most on exfoliation to get the top, dull layer of skin off. And don’t worry, dermaplaning is safe for most clients—unless you have cystic acne, eczema patches, or any other sever skin conditions.

This facial treatment is great to try the day of an event and also can be done once a month for maintenance! And something I always remind guests—maintaining a regular treatment schedule will significantly help with fine lines and wrinkles, overall complexion, and youthfulness of your skin. Cheers to better skin in 2018!

Katie Hausen is an Esthetician at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. For questions on skincare services or to make an appointment, she can be reached at 952-435-8585.



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