Three Favorite Cuts and Products for Father’s Day

As a designer who specializes in men’s cuts, I’m honored to help men look and feel their best every day. But there is one time of the year that I get extra excited about—Father’s Day. Not only do I get to spend a little extra time with my guests and make sure they have everything they need from products to styling tips, I also have the pleasure of hearing them talk about their families. And let’s be honest—there’s nothing better than seeing a father beam with pride about his family.

So if you’re wondering what to get your dad and/or dad-like figure for Father’s Day, I think a trip to the salon is the *perfect* gift. And if they need a little help once they arrive, here are some of my favorite looks and products for all those fetching fellas in our lives!

Statement-Making Men’s Cuts

The biggest trend I’m seeing this summer is the disconnected cut—faded short sides with a longer-styled top. To add some uniqueness, I like adding a hard part that pulls the whole look together.

Like this:

I also love short fades with clean edges and fun decorative lines, like this:

It’s slightly more involved so it may take a little more maintenance and visits to the salon, but it is 100% on-trend and makes a statement!

The last look I’m loving right now is the tight fade on bottom/part-free, messier look on top. Like this:

Style-Making Men’s Products

If dad is just not the salon kind of guy, Father’s Day is the perfect time to introduce him to some of our favorite grooming products—here are three of my favorites:

  • Oribe Fiber Groom Paste: It has a great consistency and hold. Works on all hair types but really helps thin hair look more full.
  • Aveda Grooming Clay: Great hold with a matte finish, which is key since most men don’t like much shine.
  • Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme: This is perfect for men who don’t like to feel much product in their hair. It has a light hold but adds great definition.

Extra Grooming Tips

If I had to give one styling and grooming tip to my guests, it’s to encourage them to find the right product and learn how to use it. Without product, men’s hair doesn’t have much definition and texture, so this part is crucial. And remember, messy looks good!

If you’re unsure about the right products or styling tips, feel free to schedule a consultation! I’m always happy to answer questions and walk through any look upgrades—give us a call at (952) 435-8585.

Liz Youngman is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @lizblaze.




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