The Key to Looking Young? Sunscreen!

All of us want to look as young as possible for as long as possible, and with so many choices when it comes to skin care products, where does a person begin? I always tell our guests to start with sunscreen.

Yes, sunscreen. Every single day of your life.

Why? Because sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible signs of aging. The sun’s UV rays can cause sunspots on the skin and reduce skin elasticity, and UV exposure is the primary cause of wrinkles. So for me — summer or winter or anywhere in between — the most important step in my morning skin care routine is SPF.

When considering which SPF product to apply, there are lots of things to think about. For me, I not only want a great product that’s safe for my skin, but I also want it to hydrate and provide multiple benefits. In short, I want my SPF to work hard for me!

I was so excited when Image Skincare launched their new Daily Prevention line this spring. Not only are these products created with the latest technology in mind, they also feel amazing on my face. The formulas are fragrance-free and formulated without oxybenzone, octinoxate, or parabens. They protect against the sun and all of that new pesky blue light we encounter from our tech devices. Just knowing that while I’m typing this, my skin is protected from the blue light that’s being emitted from my computer, makes me feel confident in my product choice!

I also love how Image created a wide selection of products with this line, so there’s a formula that fits everyone’s needs! My personal favorite is the Daily Prevention Pure Mineral Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30. This lightweight moisturizer is the perfect product to help with my uneven skin tones on days I feel like going makeup-free and absorbs into the skin quickly for days when I want to apply makeup over my SPF. This product also improves the hydration levels in my skin, plumping up my skin along the way. 

For anyone looking for additional protection, Image also recently launched their newest formula: Daily Prevention Advanced Smartblend Mineral Moisturizer SPF 75. This is the perfect product for any post-procedure treatment and is ideal for sensitive skin. The product decreases skin’s redness by more than 20 percent and also increases hydration in the skin. Plus, it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes!

Image also hit a home run with their new Daily Prevention Protect and Refresh Mist SPF 40.  I love bringing this product with me on the beach, to an outdoor game, or on the boat! This convenient spray is something we all need: a spritz of cool during a hot day, with SPF! What I love most about this product is that it absorbs quickly and can be re-applied throughout the day, even over makeup. Re-application is key when spending a full day in the sun, and this product has been great for those tricky spots, like my daughter’s part line on her scalp! A few quick spritzes, and she’s protected on the top of her head!

We believe that looking and feeling your best starts with the basics, like sun protection. Don’t skip this important step in your skin care routine! Stop into your nearest Cole’s and stock up, so your skin is protected and stays youthful all summer long.

Heather E. is the director of team development on our corporate team. She joined the Cole’s Salon team in 2007.



Heather Ehresman

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