Texture Training with Aveda’s “It Girl” Naomi Dove

We recently welcomed educator and textured hair expert Naomi Dove to train our Cole’s Salon designers. Naomi is the North America Artistic Director of Texture for Aveda, and a staff-favorite trainer. It wasn’t the first time we’ve hosted Naomi, and it certainly won’t be the last! 

We asked a couple of our designers to share what they learned from the training. 

Olivia B., Senior Designer at Savage

I loved so many things about the texture class, but I’ll highlight some of my favorite takeaways. 

Naomi mentioned that texture doesn’t belong to a race; instead, we all have texture in our hair, whether we are white, brown, or Black. She was passionate about all of us finding the energy and creativity to work with textured hair and helping us understand the meaning of the texture chart. I had a huge aha moment when Naomi taught us how to use water when diffusing hair to help minimize frizz.

Naomi’s knowledge of using leave-in conditioners and oils for textured hair helps. Avocado oil plays a massive role in lock-in and seal hair moisture. When styling textured hair, the Aveda Nutriplenish line works miracles. 

Naomi educated our team on how to use a pressing method when applying cream and oil to the hair. During the pressing technique, instead of simply applying products to one spot on the hair section, she taught us to comb products properly through the hair section by section. This dramatically improves results!

Naomi also showed us a style for our guests called finger coils. This style works for guests who want to air-dry or someone who wants to be fully dry by the time they leave the salon. Finger coils give superb definition and are a style I like to do on myself. 

I can’t wait to give my guests with texture a better experience and help them embrace their curls! 

Olivia is a senior designer at our Savage location, you can follow her Instagram @oliviablaschko_hair

Becca S., Designer at Cedar Cliff

Naomi Dove highlighted the importance of understanding the classification system for hair texture. Many of our guests have questions about the 1A through 4C system, and we’re all better equipped to answer those questions after the texture training. Knowing your texture type allows you to determine how often to wash and condition your hair – a helpful basic for all of us! 

In our climate, the different seasons and weather changes throughout the year can influence the ideal order you apply products to your hair. I can now better advise my guests on how to use products, depending on the season, after Naomi’s class. 

We learned how to enhance curls with simple wash-and-go styles, naturally. Even people with wavy hair can achieve styles that look more curly using techniques like finger coils and diffusing!

But, my favorite thing of all is being able to truly educate all of my guests on their hair texture and helping them embrace whatever texture they have. I can’t wait to bring all of Naomi’s tips and tricks to my guests. 

Becca S. is a designer at our Cedar Cliff location, you can follow her on Instagram @hair.by.beccascherer

Book a hair service today to learn more about your hair texture and find the style and products that help you embrace your waves and curls. 

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