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Let’s be real: stress stinks. Sometimes, it feels like stress rules our lives, whether it’s at work or at home. It seems like every year gets busier and crazier and a quiet place of relaxation is far, far away. Not all of us have the option of escaping to a lakeside cabin or taking a spa vacation!

Countless studies have been done about the negative effects stress has on your health. It can harm your body, your hair and your skin, as well as your relationships and your general outlook.

We know not everyone has time to go to a yoga class a few times a week, or the ability to meditate for a few minutes when your house is busy with homework, soccer practice or deadlines.

Book a massage. Make a little time for yourself and book a massage with us. One of our favorites is the hot stone massage; warm stones and essential oils heighten the massage experience and help reduce tension, soothe stressed-out muscles and help you relax oh-so-deeply. Book a 45-minute appointment if your schedule is jam-packed, or treat yourself to a luxurious 75-minute session. You’re worth it.

Carry stress relief in your bag. Aveda’s Stress-Fix Concentrate is proven to reduce feelings of stress with its delicious, earthy blend of clary sage and lavender. We love taking this little vial with us when we travel. Roll it on your wrists, then bring them up to your nose and breathe in deeply. If you’re really overwhelmed, try to focus on sending that stress away when you exhale. Keep one at your desk for your most stressful moments during the day.

Try an app. The Headspace app is an easy way to experiment with meditation. Everyone should meditate for a few minutes a day to find quiet and mindfulness, no matter when it fits into your day. The early morning before the kids wake up is a great option, and so is before bed. Another way to reduce stress and anxiety is to leave your devices in another room so they don’t disturb your sleep.

Spend time with someone you love. A good laugh with a BFF can really chill you out. Grab your bestie – or your sister, daughter, or favorite coworker—and stop by Cole’s for a pedicure or manicure. A simple, caring touch from your manicurist can help calm your nerves, and a spa pedicure will really loosen all those aches and pains of tired feet.

Stay in for a spa night. While we’d love to see you in our salon, we totally understand your busy schedule. An at-home spa night is a great way to spend a Friday evening. Take a long bath with a handful of Aveda’s Stress-Fix Soaking Salts, then apply your favorite organic Eminence Organics face mask. If you’re feeling really fancy, do the old “cucumbers over your eyes” trick and relax in a quiet space for a few minutes. When you’re done, sip a cup of herbal tea and get to bed early for a little extra beauty sleep.

How do you reduce stress in your daily life? What’s your favorite way to relax?



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