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Here at Cole’s Salon, we love Valentine’s Day! Sure, it’s kind of cheesy, but we think it just gets a bad rap. You don’t need to celebrate the day of love with a Hallmark card and some roses from the grocery store; you can do so much better than that. (Our favorite way to celebrate is with champagne, cheese, chocolate and our best friends.)

The signature colors of Valentine’s Day—red and pink—lend themselves to some seriously fun and festive beauty looks, too. If buying a box of chocolates or some balloons isn’t your thing, try celebrating the holiday—and the entire month of February, if you’re really feeling the love—with pretty pinks and sexy reds in your beauty look.

Romantic hair. Have you been itching to try a pastel hair color but are worried about the upkeep or impact? One of our favorite ways to rock a hint of pink is with “rose gold” hair color, a super-easy option for blondes. Ask your Cole’s colorist to add a little bit of pink tone the next time you’re in the chair. It fades and blends beautifully with your blonde, so it’s an office-friendly way to go pink.

Redheads know how hard it is to keep their color looking vibrant; red dye tends to go down the drain faster than other shades. Hang on to your red with a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, and try to wash your hair in cool water versus hot. We love Oribe’s Shampoo for Beautiful Color—it protects your color like a champ and you can’t beat that smell (or pretty bottles)!

Flirty eyes. You can’t go out on a hot Valentine’s Day date without a sultry eye look. Bat your lashes to maximum effect with lash extensions via our talented artists. We use the NovaLash system for stunning, sexy lashes. It can be a time commitment, so if you’re interested, give us a call to see if lash extensions are right for you and your schedule. Another option? Visit us for a makeup application and add false lashes.

Wear your heart on your…nails. A bright red manicure is one of the most classic, sophisticated and glamorous options you can choose. It looks sexy on long nails and chic on short. If you really want to get festive, ask one of our nail artists to add hearts or some sparkly glitter to your mani-pedi.

Get a jump start on spring. A bright, vibrant pink lipstick is our favorite way to get ready for spring, and hot pink looks great on everyone. Jane Iredale has endless possibilities for instant pick-me-up colors—perfect for impromptu kisses! Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day…it happens!

If you need a quick upgrade for Valentine’s Day, give us a call soon! We’d love to help you feel the love…on Valentine’s Day and all month long.



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