So Much to be Thankful For This Holiday Season

We have so much to be thankful for at Cole’s Salon. Being named a Star Tribune Top 150 Workplace and being featured on our local CBS news station for celebrating 40 years of service is just a start. We are truly so blessed to be part of a company that has the utmost integrity, and a company that shows so much appreciation not only for their guests, but for each and every team member. 

I’m thankful beyond words, and I know my colleagues at Cole’s Salon are, too. So I asked some of them what they’re grateful for this year, and here’s what they had to say.

“I am thankful to work for a company that continues to help me grow and get better every year—not only in my work life but in the personal life as well. I am very grateful for my family, friends and my co-workers that have turned into really great friends. I am so thankful for our manager, Char, as she always has our back with everything we do and I am so grateful to work for such a strong leader.” – Megan, Advanced Designer, Cedar Cliff

“I’m thankful to work with such positive people every day. I am grateful that I have the relationships with all five of the salons and am able to have great friendships with everyone I come across at Cole’s.” – Brad, Facility Engineer

“I am grateful to Cole’s for many things but the biggest thing I am grateful for is when my life suddenly changed and I found myself newly single and having to survive on my own—I was told by my manager that I was part of the Cole’s family and they would do their best to make sure I had everything I needed to not only survive but thrive and I did and I have.” Amy, Assistant FIT Manager, Apple Valley

“I am grateful that our team treats each other like family. Always there to help and encourage one another.” Mikaylah, Advanced Designer, Eagan Station

“So incredibly grateful to have a company that not only cares about our successes in the salon but cares about our personal lives at home. The love at Cole’s is real!” Molly, Advanced Designer, Burnsville

“I am thankful for the opportunity to make people love the way they look, and being able to work for and work with some truly amazing people.” Maria, Senior Designer, Savage

“I’m grateful for the integrity and passion behind our company, along with the friendships I have made here at the salon. It’s also amazing that we offer some of the highest-end products here to make our guests’ experience amazing.” – Elizabeth, Esthetician, Cedar Cliff

“I am thankful that my job offers advanced training so I always feel up-to-speed with the latest and greatest techniques when it comes to color and cutting. These opportunities allow me to feel confident behind my chair with every guest.” – Addie, Advanced Designer, Apple Valley

“I am thankful for the quality of education we get and how often we get it.” – Kim, Advanced Designer, Eagan Station

“Aside from an amazing company and family-like coworkers, I’m SO grateful for ALL of my guests. They are like family, too. We have grown together and have been supportive of each other over many years.” – Taylor, Advanced Designer, Burnsville

“I am thankful for guests and coworkers who feel like family and for owners who care and love us! I’m also grateful for educational opportunities—we have so many at Cole’s! I was fortunate enough to be able to help bring awareness to hand-tied extensions. Cole’s was able to help me get into a class and now I can offer them to my guests!” Kaylyn, Advanced Designer, Savage

“I am thankful that I work with an incredible team that always has my back. I feel trusted, supported and cared for by everyone I work with. We are truly family at Cole’s and I could not be more thankful for all the amazing relationships I have.” – Megan, FIT Manager, Cedar Cliff

“I’m thankful for Trish and Doug for their management style. Doug knows us all by our first names, plus our success is his success.” – Dawn, Advanced Designer, Burnsville

“I don’t know where to start after working for such a great company for 25 years. It has been an honor to have had the opportunity to work for and with Doug Cole. I’m thankful for fun guests I call my friends. I’ve been able to make some great coworker friends over the years, too.” – Tracy, Advanced Designer, Cedar Cliff

“I am thankful for our love for each other! It starts with Doug caring and looking out for all of us. Providing us with mentors, amazing education, superior product lines and a bright future. Love this place, all my guests and for sure my coworkers!’’ – Julie, Advanced Designer, Burnsville

“I am grateful for my career at Cole’s because it’s a family-oriented company where they believe in a work/life balance—love your job, but also a life outside of work and your family.” – Becka, Advanced Designer, Savage

“I am very thankful for Char and Megan’s leadership, I learn so much from them every day.  I am so thankful to work for a company that wants me to grow and succeed and take on new roles. I look forward to coming to work every day and getting to be with such amazing women.” – Sam, FIT Assistant Manager, Cedar Cliff

“Being able to come in even on a bad day, and being cheered up. Everyone is so happy and funny, and it’s such a great place to be…even when you’re not feeling the best!” – Zelie, FIT Assistant Manager, Eagan Station

Thank you

We are also thankful for you—Cole’s Salon guests and our wonderful community we’re so honored to serve. Thank you for allowing us to serve generations of families and to be a part of so many of your traditions. Cheers to a beautiful holiday season—and 40 beautiful years together!




Alyssa Markstrom

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