Show Yourself Some Love for Valentine’s Day

Remember how fun Valentine’s Day was when you were a kid? You’d decorate a Valentine box with pretty pink and red paper, exchange cards with your friends and go into a sugar coma from all of the candy hearts, lollipops and Starbursts you got from your classmates. It was awesome! 

When you grow up, though, Valentine’s Day becomes a holiday with a certain pressure behind it; you’re supposed to be schmoozing with your partner and giving each other cheesy boxes of chocolates or teddy bears or diamond necklaces, but if that’s not your thing, you may feel a little left out during the day of love. Not so fast! We’re all about being our own Valentine, whether we’re single or coupled up, and we have a few never-fail ways to treat yourself to a little TLC and R&R on February 14. 

Give yourself a pep talk. 

If you’re feeling low this month (which we totally understand, given the lack of sunshine we’ve gotten), take time out of your busy schedule to make a list of five or ten things you love about yourself. It can be as simple as “I make a great cup of coffee” or “I’m a good friend” or as deep and meaningful as you want. Then put the list somewhere you’ll see it every day, like behind your bathroom cabinet mirror, and revisit your affirmations when you need a confidence boost.

Try something out of your comfort zone. 

Maybe it’s picking a hot pink polish shade at your next pedicure. Maybe it’s taking a dance class or a cooking class with a friend. Maybe it’s starting a running routine. Whatever it is, trying something new, even if it doesn’t go smoothly at first, is a great way to make friends, learn a skill and remember that you’re capable and smart. You may even find a forever hobby that brings you joy! 

Take yourself out for dinner. 

No date on V-Day? Who cares! You’re your best date, so make a reservation at your favorite spot and invite a friend if you want. Sip on some Valentine-hued rosé, order your favorite dish and definitely opt for dessert. 

Buy yourself flowers. 

No cheesy roses from Cub Foods here! Get yourself a bouquet of your favorite blooms, or splurge on that spider plant you’ve been eyeing. Plants can help brighten up your room or your desk, make you smile and their aroma can even help you unwind and relax after a long day. 

Give yourself the gift of a good hair day. 

One of our favorite ways to “feel ourselves” is to get a blowout. There’s something about a luxurious shampoo, a professional blowout and a fabulous style that always makes us feel amazing. Our blowouts come in a variety of price points so you can choose one that works best for you.

Pucker up with a new lipstick. 

There’s no better occasion to splurge on a fabulous new shade than Valentine’s Day. Go for glamour with Oribe or be a natural beauty with Jane Iredale. You don’t have to go pink or red, but we think a festive, seasonal shade is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and brighten up your beauty look.

Book a spa day. 

We’re giving you permission to treat yourself ALL DAY LONG. That means the works: a massage, a facial, a mani-pedi, maybe even some highlights to get in the spring mindset. You deserve to feel your best! We know that making time for yourself can be difficult between work, family and home life, but it’s important to prioritize caring for you so you can care for everyone else—and if we can help you feel as beautiful and wonderful as we know you are, that’s even better.

Here’s to celebrating yourself! Happy Valentine’s Day from Cole’s Salon. <3



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