Short Hair, Don’t Care: All About Pixies, Bobs and More!

So you’re ready to make the chop and cut your hair. That’s exciting! There’s nothing like a short cut—whether you opt for a super-trim and chic pixie a la the classic Mia Farrow look or trim up your usual shoulder-length ‘do a few inches into a trendy lob. Whatever you decide to do, we’re on your side and ready to make your short hair look so good, you can’t help but snap a selfie or 10 after your salon visit.

Of course, short cuts can require a little more effort than your go-to long styles, and it’s a bit more difficult to simply pull things up in a ponytail or a messy bun if you don’t feel like styling. But that’s part of the fun! Here are a few pro tips for your short cut. Welcome to the wonderful world of pixies, lobs and bobs!

What’s the difference between the cuts?

Have you heard a lot of talk about “lobs” and “shags” and “angled bobs” but aren’t sure what those things actually are?

A lob is short for “long bob,” which means it’s just a longer version of the traditional chin-length bob. A lob can brush your collarbone or shoulders, while a bob tends to hit around your chin.

Lob by Naomi at Cole’s Salon Apple Valley

An angled bob is exactly what it sounds like; think Victoria Beckham’s iconic short cut, which was longer in the front and short in the back.

Angled bob by Kasey at Cole’s Salon Eagan Station

A pixie cut is the Mia Farrow close-cropped style.

Pixie cut by Chan at Cole’s Salon Apple Valley

A “stacked bob” uses layers to make your hair look full and slightly rounded.

Stacked bob by Laura at Cole’s Salon Apple Valley

What do I ask for at the salon?

If you want to make the chop but aren’t quite sure which cut you’d like to try, do a little Pinning or save photos of short cuts you like on celebrities or on Instagram. There’s a ton of amazing content coming from hairstylists all over the world on Instagram, so look around and save the photos that you spark with. Bring them to your next appointment and chat with your Cole’s stylist about what you’re looking for and what your styling habits are. If you aren’t a huge fan of heat styling, perhaps try a long bob with a little texture for easy air-drying. If you want to be able to pull your hair up from time to time, definitely note that too. Talking about your lifestyle and your hair goals will help you get the perfect cut for you.

What else do I need to know about going short?

One of our biggest tips is to go with your hair texture. Certain cuts work better for certain hair types; a stacked bob is perfect for straight hair, while those of us with curls and waves may do better with either a short crop or a lob. If your hair is thin, you may want more layers. Do you have a cowlick? Don’t fight it—work with it! We’re here to help.

Which products are best for my new cut?

Product recommendations will definitely vary depending on your hair type, texture and your cut, as well as your lifestyle. If you don’t often blowdry or curl/iron your hair, your stylist will recommend products that help enhance your natural texture while air-drying, like Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer or Bumble’s Don’t Blow It styler. For texture, you could try Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray or the classic Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, which is also available as an oil infusion for dryer hair types. If you’re going super-short, definitely try Bumble’s Sumotech paste, a longtime favorite for men and women for its pliable, workable hold. If you do heat style often, or are planning to with your new cut, invest in a good thermal protectant or leave-in treatment, like Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair from Aveda. Short hair styling should be fun and creative, and our salon shelves are stocked with the best styling products around. If that isn’t enticing enough to make the cut, what is? We can’t wait to give you your fresh fall look.

Want a Change but Not Sure Where to Start?

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