Self-Care Tips from Your Friends at Cole’s

It’s an intense time for all of us. Between navigating uncertainty about the future, protecting our health, temporarily homeschooling kids—it’s a lot for anyone to navigate. The truth is, none of us has ever been through something like this pandemic before—so while it can feel overwhelming, it can help to remember that we’re all in this together and remember that we will get through it together!

In that spirit, we’re sharing a few self-care tips that you can DIY. Although Cole’s is closed through the end of the month, we’re still here! We collected some amazing ideas from our team members that you can do from the comfort of your own home, until the salon is open again.

Here are some tips to stay well—in mind, body, and spirit—during this time of uncertainty. 

Stay Connected

It can feel incredibly isolating to be holed up for days on end—not even being able to venture out to the store without feeling afraid. This is where technology comes in handy! 

  • Schedule FaceTime coffee or happy hour dates with your sister across town or your college roommate from across the country. Better yet—FaceTime a friend without warning… it can be so refreshing to catch someone off guard for a quick check-up, sans makeup with a top knot, working from the couch! Trust us, they’ll thank you later.
  • Grab lunch. Forced to reschedule lunch get-togethers with friends? Make your own lunch and meet on Google Hangouts or FaceTime—you can still catch up from the comfort of your own home.
  • Check in on your people. Some of us can be more isolated than others—whether due to family structures, living arrangements, health requirements or other factors. This is a great time to check in on people who might be more lonely or at risk of anxiety—they’ll feel better having connected with someone, and you will, too!

Practice Healthy Habits

Whether you’re currently laid off or working from home, it’s so easy to slip into a lazy “schedule” and not prioritize your own wellbeing. Here are a few habits that can help:

  • Get eight hours of sleep. Shut down early, avoid screens for at least an hour before bed, and/or don’t set an alarm in the morning if you can help it!
  • Try meditating. There are lots of good meditation apps out there—some are even free! We recommend checking out Headspace or Calm, for a start.
  • Exercise. Take a nice long walk outside, or find an online workout you can do from your living room. Especially in times like these, local gyms are doing a lot of online programming you can tap into. And everyone benefits from a little fresh air, and smiling at passersby (from at least 6 feet away, of course).
  • Take time to prepare healthy meals. The prep time will make you feel productive and the healthy food will make you feel nourished.
  • Take your vitamins. And don’t forget your beauty supplements!  
  • Limit your time online. Social media can be a great way to stay connected to friends and family, but too much of it can also increase anxiety—especially right now. 

Indulge When Possible

With your favorite stores and salons closing up shop for several weeks, now is also a great time to get creative about how to treat yourself a bit. Consider these few, simple ways to create some meaningful indulgence in your day-to-day:

  • Wash your sheets! Admit it, you don’t get around to it as much as you should. But who doesn’t love the feel of fresh, clean sheets? Make an effort to switch out your bedding more often and you’ll fall asleep every night feeling a bit more pampered.
  • Eat that comfort food. While maintaining our physical health is important, there’s a reason “comfort food” is called that! Whether it’s your grandma’s hotdish recipe or a box of mac & cheese—treat yourself. You deserve it.
  • Soak it up. Take a long, hot bath with some bubbles, essential oils, a face mask and a candle or two. 

Start a New Hobby or Reinvest in Old Ones 

Have you been saying, “I’d love to do that, if only I had time?” Well, now’s your chance! 

  • Read a book (or several). Do you have some old Kindle downloads or Amazon shipments you just haven’t gotten to yet? Books are a great way to invest your mental energy—whether it’s an epic biography, a motivational business book, or simply an indulgent novel. Cozy up with a cup of chamomile tea and enjoy. 
  • Raid your puzzle stash. If you’re like us, you probably have several puzzles just sitting in the basement—probably a couple unopened! Pull out a plastic folding table and use it as your designated puzzle spot. You and the family can come back to it over the coming days. 
  • Connect over board games. We love Candy Crush as much as the next gal, but there’s nothing like sitting down with family for a real, physical board game. It’s a great way for some screen-free connection after an isolating day.
  • Try your hand at knitting or painting! Amazon has some great starter kits for beginner knitters or artists. Allowing yourself time to play—being focused on the process and not tied to an outcome—is a great investment of your energy. 

Get Productive

We all have house projects we’ve been putting off, and organizing we’ve been saving for a rainy day. It may not be raining, but it might as well be!

  • Declutter those countertops. We know, you’ve been meaning to deal with that pile for months—it’s full of old bills, DMV reminders, expired coupons and greeting cards. Now is the perfect time to sift through it all—sort it into shred, recycle, keep piles to make it easy.
  • Try that new furniture arrangement. Wondering what the couch would look like facing the window, instead of in front of it? How about moving that chair from the office to the family room? Changing up your daily surroundings can help things feel less monotonous—and you may just find a new favorite layout. 
  • Tackle the junk drawer. Nobody likes the feeling of trying to grab the scissors, only to not be able to open the drawer because there’s just too much stuff getting stuck. 

Practice Gratitude 

There’s some research that suggests people who practice gratitude regularly experience more positive emotions, sleep better, express more kindness—and even can have boosted immune systems. (We could all use some of that right now!)

  • Start journaling. You can start small—just simply write down one item each day that you’re grateful for. Do it first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, to cap off your day.
  • Practice mindful gratitude meditations. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply. Focus as much as you can on what you’re grateful for. When other thoughts enter your mind, simply take note of them and let them go—refocusing your energy on your gratitude. 
  • Say thank you. A few kind words go a long way. If there are particular people in your life you’re grateful for, tell them! You’ll both feel happier having had that moment of connection. 

We hope these tips will give you a few things to think about and focus on in the coming weeks. While the future is uncertain in so many ways, we continue to be grateful for our caring Cole’s family and wonderful guests—and we look forward to seeing you in the salon again on the other side!




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  1. I AM So grateful for the contacts from my Tina and my Sarah B. They’ve already asked me how I am and given me a snapshot of what they are up to. Sounds like a lot of dogs are getting extra walks during this time. We remember that they are a part of our life but WE are their Whole life. Love you Gizmo. Thanks for your caring.

  2. Thank you for all these great suggestions.
    Staying connected productive and positive
    Matters now more than ever. So appreciate
    You taking time to share this with all of us

    1. We understand, Donna! Try to hold off—we’ll be happy to help you out just as soon as we are able to open again!

  3. I had an appointment for March 26 that was cancelled. I’d like to see about making an appointment for after May 2 to have a spot in case you open up by then. I called the Burnsville phone # and got the recording, and wanted to see about contacting you via email (as instructed in the voice mail message) but the the email or web address given in the message, was uninteligible, at least to me. bbdec@colessalon.com?? Is is possible for me to schedule an appointment now for, say, mid-May?

  4. Hello! Please know that we have a record of your appointment and will contact you before reopening to get your appointment rescheduled. Thank you for your patience!

  5. Is it possible for you all to sell us a baggie full of our colors … root color or all over color if we do that? Just to keep up with getting rid of those greys? I’d pick up my root color and apply to just my roots if I had that option and then schedule an appt w you all as soon as possible to get back on track.
    I know it’s not optimal but you would still be making money and giving us something we ALL need. Instead of us heading to the box. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks for your consideration!!

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