Savage Salon Shape-up

Just like our beauty regimens need an update from time to time, so, too, do our salons! We just completed the first major part of our Savage renovation, and we’re excited to show you the updates.

In just a few months, we updated the retail area, nail area and added four new stylist stations. With these updates, you can expect:

  • Easier shopping
  • An upgraded reception and waiting area
  • New screens to find the latest promos
  • A modernized nail area
  • Additional stations

But wait, there’s more! Future updates will include a new spa area, a coffee bar, and new furniture.

Stop in and see the changes for yourself, and thanks for your patience as we dust ourselves off!



Cole's Salon

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  1. I got a phone call yesterday saying that today my appointment that was at 8 o’clock this morning had been changed to 6 o’clock tonight they didn’t even call to tell me that they had closed the place which is really sad they should call their customers and let them know that they have closed

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