The Right Brush: Part Two, Shading and Shadows

This is Part Two on The Right Brush. If you missed Part One, click here!

Finding the right brush to create a look you want can seem complicated and overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t professional makeup artists. Here, I break down all of the tiny detail brushes that often can aid in simplifying the creation of all looks—from simple daytime looks to evening glam.

Eye Shader:
A small flat brush made of pony hair with medium bristle density, meant for eye shadow application.

Pro tip: Spray the bristles with a Jane Iredale Hydration spray to apply eye shadow/shimmer more opaquely.

Eye Contour Brush:
Similar to the eye shader brush, this brush is meant to apply eye shadows. It has a soft angled tip to help create shape and apply accent colors

Pro tip: This brush is perfect for applying a brow highlight or anyone trying to easily create the popular cut-crease look.

Crease Brush:
As its name describes, it is a brush created to help blend out eye shadows in the crease of the eye. Its soft, tapered bristles create a soft blended finish to any look.

Pro tip: The best brush for finishing a smokey evening look or blending a simple daytime look.

Smudge Brush:
Like its name, it is perfect for smudging out liners or shadows to create a less defined, more blended eyeliner look.

Pro tip: Apply pencil liner to crease and blend with smudge brush for a perfect cut-crease look.

Angle Eyeliner Brush:
This brush’s bent angle is perfect for applying a beautiful winged liner look.

Pro tip: Use with gel eyeliner for an easy glide, making winged liner less difficult even for those less experienced in makeup application.

Angle Liner/Brow brush:
This versatile and multi-functioning brush is perfect for applying eyeliner or applying brow powders.

Pro tip: This brush can be used anytime a precise line is necessary. For example, trying to create a cut-create eye look or applying concealer/highlighter right below brow hairs.

Moral of the story: makeup brushes come in all different shapes and sizes. And for good reason—no two brushes are alike and each tool serves a purpose when it comes to achieving your desired look. If you still need help getting that sultry smoky eye or dramatic cat eye you’ve been trying for what seems like forever—stop in and talk to one of our estheticians or schedule a makeup consultation. We’re here to help!




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