The Right Brush: Part One, Complexion


Choosing the right makeup  brush for the job can feel overwhelming—there are so many options, and you may wonder where you even begin. Take a deep breath, because with a little practice, the use of brushes can become easy and intuitive!

Jane Iredale has a variety of brushes for powders, liquid foundations, eye/lip products, and concealers.  All brushes, made from both animal hair and synthetic fibers, are completely vegan friendly and certified cruelty free by CICC Leaping Bunny Program.

Here’s an overview of your options for complexion brushes!

The Handi

A soft, dense flat top brush made for pressed powder application. The soft goat hair this brush is made out of collects the perfect amount of product for an easy, even application of the foundation. This brush is also great for application of the PurePressed bronzers and blushes.

Pro tip: The handi is perfect for applying a matte bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks to create an easy-to-do natural contour.  

Chesil Powder

Another multi-purpose powder brush that applies the Amazing Base loose powder flawlessly. Also great for bronzers, shimmers, blushes, and pressed powders.

Pro tip: This brush gives a sheer application with pressed powders that’s easily buildable – perfect for those who prefer a very natural look.


A dense, chiseled brush that was designed for applying Liquid Minerals, primers, BB creme, creme blushes, and concealers to the skin.

Pro tip: Use to apply under-eye concealer to reveal a more highlighted effect. 


A unique, dual-length brush made with both natural and synthetic fibers. The combination of fibers makes this brush perfect for application of both powder and cream-based products.

Pro tip: This brush is great for a quick, even application of both Dream Tint tinted moisturizer and Liquid Minerals foundation. It effortlessly creates a bright, even, and natural finish to the complexion.  


An extremely soft and luxurious multi-purpose powder brush made of goat hair. It applies bronzers, highlighters, and shimmers perfectly.

Pro tip: Use a light hand with this brush, because of the dome shape and the dense bristles, it picks up a lot of product.  

White Fan Brush

This soft, long-bristled brush in the shape of a fan is perfect for lightly applying blushes, bronzers, and shimmers to the cheek area.

Pro tip: This brush is perfect for those who are afraid of over-applying blush/bronzer but still want a hint of color to the face.  


A stiff, small, flat brush made with synthetic fibers designed to apply concealers or any cream-based Jane Iredale products.

Pro tip: Look upward with your eyes as your pat in concealer with the camouflage brush. This will bring the product all the way to the lash line and will prevent creasing of the product before it is set to create an even finish.  


A miniature version of the blending brush, made with both natural and synthetic fibers. Not only is this great for application of eye shadows, but it is a great tool to pack on extra concealer or foundation to a problem area (i.e. blemishes, sun-spots, etc).

Pro tip: Spray this brush with any Jane Iredale setting spray and pat the brush into any areas that make up has creased or if you applied too much product to an area, it blends it out flawlessly.  


Not only does this soft (miniature dome) brush blend out eye shadows and create the perfect smoky eye, but it also is a great tool to apply a light amount of any powder to the face.

Pro tip: Use to set under eye concealer with powder or apply a natural highlight to the cheek bone.  

Stay tuned for Part two: Detail brushes! With these two overviews and a little practice, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Amanda Engstrom is a Senior Esthetician at Cole’s Salon Apple Valley. Check out her work on Instagram.




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