Recognizing Some of Our Shiniest Stars

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Cole’s Salon staff was able to come together to celebrate some serious star power. They may not be Hollywood celebrities, but our 2022 Joel Suzuki Star Thrower Award winners, Tracy Workman and Svea Steinert, are glittering examples of what it means to make a difference. 

The Joel Suzuki Star Thrower Award honors team members who make a difference while encouraging and inspiring others on their journey. They:

Lead others with intention
Are passionate mentors to others
Continually grows self in business
Invests in education and technical skills
Embraces lifelong leadership

Twenty years ago, Doug Cole introduced us to Joel Suzuki and his Star Throwers program, a training method that lives on in Cole’s Salon still today. Back then, 30 of us learned from Joel that “people learn best when you tell them a story,” also “you wait patiently for the student to be ready, then you teach less,” and “you are the teacher for the one becoming the teacher.” 

When we met to celebrate Tracy and Svea receiving their Joel Suzuki Star Throwers Awards, we were 100 people strong. There was an abundance of passion in the room to continue training and mentoring more leaders and looking for ways to improve ourselves and our salons.

For all the years I’ve worked at Cole’s Salon, I’ve heard Founder Doug Cole say these words too many times to count, “pass it on.” When we say “pass it on,” we mean we should share our knowledge, share our gifts, and help each other grow at work. “Pass it on” defines our culture at Cole’s and makes everyone feel as if they are needed and essential. 

Clients ask me, “Why do employees stay so long at Cole’s?” A big reason is that there is an investment in learning every day. If you learn every day and pass on your talents and time, you are making a difference. And that difference will be recognized. 

Become a future leader in our Star Thrower program by applying to work at Cole’s Salon, here



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