Oribe Atelier: Learning & Growing in Style

Last month, one of our favorite beauty brands, Oribe, brought hair stylists from all over the country to Santa Monica, CA, for the Oribe Atelier. This dynamic, one-day event showcased the latest in styling, cutting and color education through live demonstrations and an exclusive hands-on workshop.

We recently caught up with Liz Youngman, Advanced Designer and Oribe Ambassador at Cole’s Salon Burnsville, to learn more about the event and her key takeaways.

What was the event all about? Give us the deets!

The Oribe Atelier is a chance for hair stylists from all over the country who use and love Oribe products to come together and learn from the Oribe educational team—like superstars Kien Hoang, Coby Alcanter and James Pecis. This combination of education and inspiration brings incredible hands-on training and technique to thousands of salon teams, stylists, and owners. Onstage, Oribe artists share looks from the runway and in-salon, while on the floor, these same artists guide stylists through recreating the styles on models.

All 10 Oribe Ambassadors from Cole’s Salon attended, plus a designer from each location who won an Oribe incentive in order to attend the class!

Why were you excited to attend the event?

These events are so inspiring and tons of fun. Not only do we get to travel and spend time with our own coworkers, we also get to learn from some of the best educators in the industry while meeting other great stylist from all over the country. Plus, it’s always fun to see new cities!

What did the event challenge you to improve on/learn?

These events really ask you to step outside your comfort zone—that is why these opportunities are so inspiring for us. Since we are working on hair models and not everyday clients, we are able to create something slightly more drastic, or try something we’ve never tried before without the fear of it not turning out perfect. It really brings out your creative side when you are able to execute your own vision for their style. See my model’s two different looks we created!

What are your top takeaways from the event?

  1. There will always be more to learn as a hair stylist—no matter how long you have been in the industry.
  2. These events make me value the emphasis on education that we receive at Cole’s and how important it is to our growing careers.
  3. Oribe products are by far one of the best product lines I have worked with in my career. I truly am #oribeobsessed.

A Message from Cole’s

None of this would be possible without the heart, talent and vision of Oribe Canales, founder of Oribe, who we lost last month. It was an honor to know and love Oribe Canales, and our lives are better because of him. He was a true visionary with a huge heart, and he will be tremendously missed.

Liz Youngman is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @lizblaze.



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