Nourish Your Skin and Prep for Spring With These 5 Tips

Even this year’s notably mild winter weather is taking a toll on everyone’s skin, and with spring just around the corner it’s time to revitalize your skincare routine for the months ahead! 

Minnesota’s annual transition from icy cold to budding warmth calls for a regimen that rejuvenates your skin and prepares it for sunshine and flip flops. Here, we’ve got five essential products and services that’ll be your best friend in your fight against dry, dull skin.

Shed Winter Skin for a Fresh Spring Start

Bid farewell to dryness and fine lines with the Image Skincare Hydra C Lift facial. This service, renowned for its blend of physical and enzymatic exfoliation, gently removes the remnants of winter from your skin. Layers of lasting hydration are then applied, leaving your complexion refreshed, renewed, and ready to embrace spring’s revitalizing energy.

Make sure to ask your esthetician about customizing this facial to meet your goals. Our in-service treatment serums provide a long-lasting glow, plump the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Nourish and Illuminate for a Radiant Glow

Step into spring with a radiant glow by incorporating Eminence Yuzu Solid Body Oil into your post-shower routine. This deeply hydrating oil provides the perfect transition from heavy winter moisturizers to lighter spring textures, and its transformative effects leave your skin nourished and hydrated, with a healthy luminosity that complements the changing season.

Also: Bid farewell to winter and chapped lips with Image Ronert MD Restoring Collagen Lip Enhancer. This multitasking gem not only addresses dryness, it also includes SPF protection. It promises to leave your lips soft, supple, and sun-protected — and ready to embrace the spring warmth!

Finally, don’t forget Aveda Hand Relief. Designed to soothe dry hands, this nourishing cream provides long-lasting moisture, ensuring your hands stay soft and look great all season long.

Embrace the Season’s Luminosity

Image’s Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme is a hydration powerhouse and a favorite for maintaining luminosity during the transition to milder temperatures. Infused with potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides, it ensures your skin remains supple, moisturized, and ready to radiate health during the changing seasons.

As you usher in spring, let your skincare routine reflect the renewing energy of the season. These five skincare recommendations will help your skin stay prepped, hydrated, and ready to glow right along with the warmer weather.

At Cole’s, we’re here to help you find the right products and services to make your skincare routine easy and effective. Book your next service and consult with an esthetician today!

Nicole V. is an esthetician and massage therapist at our Apple Valley spa. She joined the Cole’s Salon team in 2020.



Nicole V.

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