Next Level Nourishment with the Hydrojelly Mask

Coming in for your regularly-scheduled facial? I’m proud of you for taking care of your skin! If you’re ready for something new, read on to discover the newest addition to our service menu… Hydrojelly Masks!

Unless you’ve been spending a lot of time on beauty TikTok, our new Hydrojelly Mask is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is painted on, starting with a jelly-like texture, and is left on until it solidifies. Once completely solidified, it is gently peeled off by your esthetician, and reveals mega-hydrated, smooth, supple skin. You can add on a Hydrojelly Mask to any classic or signature facial service.

How does it work?

The Hydrojelly Mask creates a vacuum seal over your skin barrier. This pushes electrolytes, nutrients, and vital active ingredients in each mask deep into the skin for an immediate boost. These ingredients infuse into your skin when left on leaving you with a beautiful glow, and strengthen your skin barrier by replenishing it with much-needed hydration!

Although this mask is peeled off, it is not to be confused with a chemical peel. There is no tightening or exfoliation, but rather ultra nourishment. Your esthetician will examine your skin beforehand, and ensure you get the Hydrojelly Mask with the ingredients that best suit your goals. From soothing redness to smoothing fine lines to even speeding up your healing time on breakouts, the Hydrojelly Mask is an excellent addition to your Cole’s service!

Why try it?

The Hydrojelly Mask gives a long-lasting cooling sensation that soothes, depuffs, and reduces heat or inflammation in the skin. This works wonders for all of my dry, red, irritated, or acne-prone people! Because it is so gentle and cooling, it feels fantastic on even the most sensitive skin (take it from one of our designers, Julie!). Even for those who don’t dabble in skincare as much as they want to, this is such a fun, refreshing, luxurious add-on to elevate the facial even more. 

The Hydrojelly Mask add-on is $30, and is now officially available at all Cole’s Salon locations. Add it on to your next classic facial, signature facial, dermaplane, or microdermabrasion service to take your service to the next level! 

Grace J. is a senior esthetician at our Cedar Cliff location. Follow her on Instagram @esthibygrace.



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