New Year New You! How to Be Your Best Self

When you think of the New Year…the idea of making a change is on everyone’s mind. But did you know less than 10% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions actually stick to them?

This year my goal is to NOT make resolutions; rather to slowly change my habits so that as I reflect back on 2019 I can confidently say my life is better—my relationships are healthier, I am proud of the work I accomplished as a professional, and as a momma and wife.
As a society, we continually move faster (hello, multi-tasking!) with the hopes that doing more will improve the outcome of our relationships and our personal successes. But what if we moved slower, did less, and focused on the most important aspects of our life this year? What if you could add value to your life without adding more to do? Sound intriguing? Let’s dig in!

Living more intentionally in our physical lives.

For most of us we would like to become more active, eat healthier, tackle that diet that is all the craze in hopes that at the end of the year we look (and feel) better. Our traditional goals probably include weight loss, a gym membership, or eliminating carbs—and all of those require adding tasks to our to-do list and our schedules.

If you’re like me I am not sure how I fit an hour into my day for the gym and then add in the 40 minute prep time for that meal that sounds really healthy but also really complicated. So it made me realize quickly why so few people reach the finish line with their New Year’s Resolutions.

Here is what I can fit into my life—less. I can indulge in my latte but only as a special treat. I can spend a little less time scrolling through Facebook articles on weight loss and offer a walk to the park with my kids instead of offering them 20 minutes on their iPads.

This year I am all about not adding to my plate, rather this year I want to be more intentional about the things already on my plate so I can make them better. Taking good care of myself physically has always been a priority, however in the past as the New Year’s celebrations come and go I would always add a new class to try at the gym, another goal to reach for weight loss— this year, it is more about enjoying my weekly yoga class and celebrating when I skip my afternoon chocolate indulgence!

How about you? What can you eliminate today to help you feel better tomorrow?

Heather Ehresman is on the corporate team at Cole’s Salon.



Heather Ehresman

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