New Skills (and Sun-Kissed Tresses) Courtesy of Sunlights Balayage Training

Last month, approximately 50 Cole’s stylists (including Brooke and myself!) attended an amazing training by Sunlights Balayage, a company based out of Atlanta, GA.

ji-eye-shaderAs experienced hairdressers with many years behind the chair, Cole’s stylists are no strangers to highlighting. But trends are constantly evolving, and it’s crucial that we evolve with them and keep up with the most current techniques and desired looks. That’s how we ensure Cole’s clients always look their best, and we’re proud and grateful when we get the chance to enrich our skills.

The Sunlights class focused exclusively on balayage highlighting, a hair painting technique that results in a more natural, softer grow out. It’s also extremely useful in achieving today’s most popular color melts, and as more and more clients come into our salon asking for this technique by name, we were eager to learn all we could from the experts!

The Sunlights team’s approach to balayage is unique in that the company focuses on precise systems, partings and applications to achieve the most natural, sun-kissed look possible. Alternative (and common) balayage techniques use an abstract artistry style that involves random hair painting placements and feathering and/or blurring, which can hide mistakes but also creates uneven lightening. And no client wants that!

Throughout the two-day training, the Sunlights stylists were excellent teachers, demoing the techniques in great detail and then providing us with mannequins to practice and hone our skills. Stylists learn faster and gain muscle memory when our hands are involved, and I was thankful for the chance to try the techniques right then and there. The Sunlights team was always nearby in case we had questions or needed further help.

Cole’s Salon is grateful to Jamison Shaw, Adrienne Codner and Kayla Barrett of Sunlights Balayage for their leadership and education. We’re excited to bring the skills you taught us to our chairs and give our clients the best highlighted locks around!

Jen Strean and Brooke Yerxa are Advanced Designers at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can make an appointment with them by calling 952-435-8585.




Jen Strean

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