Need New Nails? Here Are the 2022 Trends

Clothing, hair and makeup aren’t the only ways to show off your style. Your nails can say a lot about your style, too! In order to maintain beautiful, stylish nails, it’s important to keep up on the current nail trends. Since nail trends are constantly changing from year-to-year, I want to tell you about the most popular designs we’ve seen so far in 2022.  

Abstract swirls 

Abstract Swirls are at the top of the list when it comes to trending nails. This design is perfect for all seasons of the year. The cool thing about this design is you can make it look minimalistic or very bright. What makes the swirls stand out is the neutral base color against the eye-catching appearance of the swirls. Abstract swirls are most commonly seen on almond-shaped nails but can be rocked on any shape.  

Gold foil 

One of my personal favorite designs that have been trending lately is the gold foil. This design looks very elegant and simple. Gold foil adds a touch of bling to nails, so it’s best to let it shine by keeping the rest of the nail simple and avoiding other, busy designs. This look meets your needs for every occasion from casual to formal style, and compliments every nail shape.

French tips

Expect to see more french nails, but this time around it’s not only the standard issue pinks and whites. People are getting more creative with their french tip designs, exploring a range of colors from bright and vibrant to muted and pastel. You can individualize the french tip style on each nail with a range of colors, or even changing up the shape of the tip. French tips have made a comeback, and they’re not going anywhere soon. 

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Kamila is a Nail Technician at our Apple Valley spa. You can follow her on Instagram at @kr.nailss_.



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